5 Reasons Why A Gratitude Journal Will Change Your Life

Published on: 11/18/2020 11:48 am

It’s simple. Grab a journal, or even a loose-leaf piece of paper, and date the page. Entitle it ‘I am grateful for…’ and begin listing off whatever your heart is telling you. The best part is, this is your list. You can bullet off the smallest of wins or the big hurdles you have conquered. You can write one word or paragraphs. It is all up to you! Whatever variation, the benefits are the same and tremendously advantageous.

Gratitude allows us to celebrate the good of the present.

When we are focusing on the present day, we reframe our mindset and we live where our feet are. This helps us to celebrate present and fully enjoy and seize the moment.

Gratitude works as a defense against toxic thoughts and behaviors.

We can combat our toxic thoughts and behaviors with gratitude. When you have a grateful mindset, it is very hard for negativity to overwhelm your state. You are able to figuratively block toxicity from your being if you really focus on what you are grateful for. 

Gratitude increases a sense of coherence.

A sense of coherence is how confident a person feels about potential life outcomes. It is the degree to which a person feels optimistic and in control of future events (Lambert, Graham, Fincham, & Stillman, 2009).

  • Gratitude enhances peace of mind.
    • Your blessings can bring you peace of mind when you are aware of them. Expressing gratitude helps you to be aware of all of the good in your life. In turn, you will find that you feel an overwhelming sense of comfort when living in this state. 
  • Gratitude opens the door for more good to come into your life. 
    • When you are in a state of gratefulness and goodness, you attract the same! This is something I learned many moons ago, and ever since my entire life changed. 

Try it this week. Set a timeline for yourself and dedicate to expressing your gratitude daily. Then sit back and get ready for your life to change in all of the best ways! 



Gina Rivera

Gina Rivera

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