Best Beard Styles to Try in 2022 – And How to Care for Them

Published on: 02/01/2022 4:46 pm

This whole shelter-in-place business has been a real game changer. Still, these must-try beard styles can help you make the best of a hairy situation. Regardless of chin and head size there is a cut and style that works for you and your face.

With most salons and barbershops closed on account of the coronavirus, beards and buzzcuts have never been more popular. Celebs are leading the charge, buzzing themselves bald and letting their facial hair flow while quarantined. 

Here’s a few men’s beard styles to try that will enhance your grow out season.

The Classic Beard

The original beard style for men. Borderline lumberjack or day trader on Wall Street, your pick.

You can’t beat a classic. This is the goldilocks of facial hair: not too long, not too short, not too full, but just right. The more coiffed you are up top, the better this one-size-fits-all beard will be.  Be sure to keep it clean and trim off the stragglers and the inevitable hairs that grow higher on the cheek or lower on the neck.

The Circle Beard 

If you love your length but are starting to feel a bit too Merlin-y, try adding some shape to your beard. A rounded bottom beard is easy to sculpt yourself with the right scissors. Simply start at the corners and gradually work your sheers in an arch, leaving the longest part just below your chin. This instant refinement is perfect for a virtual meeting with the boss or an at home date. This facial hair style is also perfect for the man who wants to redefine his face shape. With a customizable cut you can trim your square jaw to have a more rounded feel to it.

The Three-Day Stubble 

This au naturel style beard is a low maintenance look almost anyone can pull off. Perfect for those who struggle to grow copious amounts of facial hair or simply don’t want to make the time to trim every day.

If this is your normal style due to low facial hair growth and want a change, try rubbing beard oils on the thinner and patchy areas to stimulate growth and activate dormant follicles. Some men report that collagen vitamins also have helped to thicken their beard and give them a more full look


Bald head. Big beard. You can bet this COVID fashion statement will be inextricably linked with these turbulent times. But hey, it works!

Connivence is key with this beard style. Keep it easy and breezy with a shaved head and a full beard underneath for the best of both worlds.

The Lined Up Beard 

You a clean-lines kind of guy? This is your beard style. It’s a geometry-lovers dream with clean cheeks, etched lines, and a well-groomed overall feel. This look is higher maintenance and we recommend getting a pair of micro trimmers with a fine edge capability as you will need to trim often to keep the clean look.

The Box Beard

‘Tis the season for short beards, too. With its boxy bottom and narrow expanse, this shorter beard is a refined way to shape your face fur without overheating. Throw in a soul patch every now and then to change it up.

The Villain

A signature ‘stache is always in style. Pair it with a full beard and you have a statement look that’s as memorable as your mustache. (To create this look, don’t forget the mustache wax.) When it gets too cumbersome, shave your beard down to stubble and enjoy a trendy beardstache! 

Before you go, don’t forget to take care of your beard…

6 Step Beard Care 

Remember that just like the hair on your head (if you haven’t buzzed it already) your beard needs a little routine TLC to keep it healthy. 

Follow these six steps at minimum: 

  1. Disinfect. It’s probably the most used word of 2022, and it applies to your beard too. Between food and cough particles, a dab of antibacterial balm is a good idea to keep your face ‘fro sanitized. It is also nice to get rid of the mask sweat and stink that comes from wearing a face covering.
  2. Wash. Make sure you lather up 2-3 times a week with a beard-specific shampoo. Normal shampoos can remove beneficial oils that are used to keep your beard healthy so a shampoo that is made for your beard is the best option.
  3. Condition. After you wash it, condition it. Use beard conditioners sparingly if you have extra oily skin. These conditioners are made to untangle and smooth out your beard. Trust us, your significant other will appreciate it.
  4. Oil. A daily dose of beard oil will keep your locks manageable and smelling great. Choose one with natural oils like argan, grape seed, jojoba, or hemp as the first ingredient. These natural oils promote a healthy beard and keep your facial hair full and lush.
  5. Brush. Be sure to run a brush through your beard at least once a day. If needed, you can use a beard comb more frequently to maintain a stylized cut. 
  6. Trim. You can keep your beard style looking fresh with a quick trim every 3 or so weeks. If you’re intentionally trying to grow it out, extend trims to every 6-8 weeks.  

We can’t wait to see what beards and broomstaches emerge once we don’t have to social distance ourselves. For now, tell us – which styles are starting to grow on you?

Gina Rivera

Gina Rivera

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