Best Shag Haircut for Your Hair Type

Published on: 08/11/2020 10:05 am

Zendaya. Natasha Lyonne. Selena Gomez. These are just a few of the A-listers who are sporting 2020’s most grammable hairdo: the Shag haircut. 

The iconic 70s shag is everywhere. Not only is it a practical style for these socially distant days when haircuts may be fewer and farther between, it’s also cute with a capital “C”. 

But don’t worry. This isn’t your average Florence Henderson hair. Sure, the modern shag haircut still has its signature, choppy layers, but as times have changed so have the techniques. 

The trick to successfully sporting a shag is to make sure you choose one that fits with your hair’s texture and type. 

Ready to get volume for days? Brush up on this guide to the best shag haircuts for your hair type before you make the chop. 

Best shag cut for fine hair 

Image courtesy of: @nicolamillbank Instagram

Anyone with a pitiful ponytail knows how frustrating it can be to live with fine hair. But a shag haircut promises thicker locks and instant volume, right? Not quite. 

The more layers you have up top, the thinner hair becomes at the bottom. This can cost you big in terms of split ends and can ultimately take your locks in the opposite direction, making them appear thinner. 

Instead, try on a pair of oh-so-hip fringe bangs. Having some long, piecey pieces up front will help the rest of your mane appear fuller. Add in some curled layers to really take it over the top. 

Best shag cut for thick or coarse hair 

Image courtesy of: @madison.n.williams Instagram

Trying to trim down? A mid-shoulder length shag haircut could tussle your tangles into submission. 

This razor cut produces long layers that can really thin out a bulky bob. By lightening the ends you’ll be left with enviable volume without the weight. It’s slightly edgy with a feminine flare. 

Be sure to ask your stylist to consult with you on length options. If you’re feeling really encumbered, it can be tempting to lob it all off! However, you probably need at least some weight to keep locks from getting totally unruly. A professional can help you find the ideal length for your coarse strands.  

Best shag cut for straight hair 

Image courtesy of: @nicolamillbank Instagram

Straight hair often has less texture to show off a traditional shag. You can avoid coming in with one idea of what you want and leaving (disappointed) with another by making sure you’re realistic about what your hair type can achieve. 

If your hair has nary a bend in sight, consider a mid-length cut with lots of layers, and some shorter pieces around the face for framing. 

Or, if you’re absolutely set on changing your look, consider going short with your shag! The shorter your layers are right at the crown, the more texture you can create by letting your hair mostly air dry and applying proper product. 

Best shag cut for curly hair 

Repeat after us: curly bangs are the new black. If you’ve ever had someone tell you bangs simply won’t work with your kinky curls, I’m sorry, but they’re sorely mistaken. (You just need the right curly hair stylist to do it.)

Whether you opt for a shaggy bob or long flowing layers, a shag haircut will help flawlessly define your hair’s most standout feature.  

If you’re not ready to fully commit to bangs, you could try a long, feathered fringe to start and work your way up. 

Best shag cut for wavy hair 

Image Courtesy of: @davidwbullen Instagram

You, my dear, have the ideal hair texture for a shag haircut. Lucky you!

Work with your stylist to pick the most flattering length, and enjoy the versatility of wearing your hair more textured, straight, or blow out to max volume! 

Hair in the time of quarantine doesn’t have to be all top buns and hats. With a shag cut, your tousled strands will look intentionally, effortlessly styled, even if the only people who see it are on your Instagram feed. 



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