The Best Summer Hair Colors to Try This Season

Published on: 01/30/2022 4:13 pm
Blonde under Palm Tree

Summer’s in full swing and so are these sunny shades. If the season change has you craving a hair change, you’re not alone. Grown out highlights and tired quarantine color make for a real bummer summer. Why not lighten your locks a shade or mark your reemergence with a foray into fantasy colors? 

We know the options can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re curating this list of cute hair colors for summer, so no matter what your natural shade is, you have screenshots to show your hairstylist. These trendy, flattering finalists span breezy summer blondes and perky pastels to the best hues for dark hair darlings. Proof that you don’t have to go lighter simply because it’s summer. 

Looking to dip your toe in the color pool or dive hair first into something more vibrant? Meet the summer hair color ideas making the biggest splash this season. 

Summer hair colors for brunettes

Whoever said brown hair is boring never met these summer shades. 

Face-framing color blocks

Lady with long hair


This look is also known as money-piece highlights or Ginger from the Spicegirls streaks, depending on how old you are. It’s a great way to test out a color without committing fully. Worried about damaging your hair? Don’t be! Since such a small portion of the hair is lifted, you can keep your hair healthy and go back to dark without much effort. 

Auburn accents 

Lady with curly hair

You’re likely to see a lot of red on and off the runway this year. Love the look, but aren’t red-y to go full tilt? Start with a few pops of rust here and there. Keep your natural base or give it a boost for added contrast. The auburn pieces will continue to lighten over the course of the summer, giving you a gorgeous glowy boost as you embark on your summer adventures. 

Matte brown tresses 

Lady with hair on face


Toying with the idea of eventually going blonde? These babylights are your first baby step. It’s a universally flattering look that’s easy to manage and easy to scale up or down once you decide whether you like it. Ask your hairdresser to tone the hair first. This will extend the life of your highlights and prevent them from getting too brassy. 

Summer hair colors for blondes

Blondes definitely have more fun with these summer blonde hair colors. 

Borderline blonde-brunette balayage  


If you have naturally dark hair, but want to lighten up, this ombre starter-pack is the place to begin. It leaves your roots mostly intact and strategically lightens the hair around your face and at the ends. Starting gradually helps prevent your hair from going into shock as you chemically process your way up the color wheel. 

Think pink! 

short hair lady with babble gum

A peachy-pink is peachy keen for summer colored hair. This diverse shade comes in a range of hues from bubblegum and fuchsia to the peachy pastele you see here. Ask your colorist to help you pick a pink that will go with the undertones in your skin to avoid getting washed out. 

Cool blonde 

Lady with short hair

Look cool even on the hottest days with a frosting of icy blonde. This bright blonde has tones that can range from almost grey to slightly blue, depending on which direction you and your hairdresser decide to go. Perfect for blondes with warm undertones to help balance and give your skin a fresh glow. If you go this route, just be sure to add a purple shampoo to your shopping list. As the toner fades over time, hair will naturally want to “warm”, taking on yellow or brassy tones. Purple shampoos and conditioners are designed to counterbalance this process and keep your new summer hair color as poppin’ as the day you stepped out of the salon.

Summer hair colors for dark hair 

Here’s just some of what you can do with a bold, beautiful base! 

Copper coils 

Lady with hair on one shoulder

Give your locks some serious dimension with a smattering of copper highlights on the ends of your hair. Doing so naturally draws the eye down so you can showcase your strands. The dark roots and light ends will make your eyes pop, while giving you a bit of heat just in time for a hot girl summer. 

Burgundy and plum 

lady smiling with curly hair

Not into lightening your hair, but still want to change things up? Adding a rich, all-over purple and plum to your tresses is a great way to signal you’re ready for summer. Burgundy is a great summer look if you commit to it. You can also curate where to slice in purple pops if what you want is dimension instead of depth. Your hairdresser can advise on placement to maximize their visual interest. 

Brown highlights on black hair 

curly hair lady

Want to look like you’ve been out in the sun all day, even if it’s too hot to be outside longer than five minutes? Splice some brown highlights into your ebony strands. They’ll add some effortless dimension and are super easy to keep up with as the seasons change.  

Summer hair care tips

Remember that hair is more likely to suffer from UV damage in the summer. If you’re coloring your hair, too, invest in a hair mask to give your tresses a moisture boost every few weeks. If you want to stretch and protect your summer hair color, consider adding a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your shampoo or using a sun protectant spray anytime you go outside. Still not sure the best summer hair colors for your locks? Leave that to the professionals on Gina’s Platform. They’re all about helping you achieve picture perfect summer strands.

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