Out of This World Celestial Nail Trends

Published on: 10/08/2020 12:18 pm

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”
― Marcus Aurelius

Ready to run with the stars? With these celestial nail trends, the furthest reaches of space can be as close as your fingertips. Ahead is a collection of sky dwellers to help you nail down your next stellar shellac.  

Did you know there are over 170 named moons all within our galaxy alone?! These circular sky rocks can inspire so much creativity. Sun and moon nails help connect you to the expansiveness of the heavens, so you can be down on earth but up in space. And the options for celestial nail art are as numerous as stars in the night sky. One look through this curated collection is enough to inspire a supernova of ideas. After you’ve settled on a few you like, be sure to take the images with you so you and your technician can make the design your own.

Image: @delilahbonails

Northern lights

This natural phenomenon is a marvel of galactic proportions. Now, instead of having to travel to the tiptop of the planet, you can celebrate the swirl right where you are. The more cool colors you can work in, the more captivating your nails will be. At minimum, a dark blue, pop of purple glitter polish, and a blot of green will help achieve this dreamy display.

Image: @mayleidoesnails


Unlike the moon, celestial nails are more than a passing phase. But capturing la luna in her many forms is stylish homage to this centering sky body. Matte black polish and white textured crescents make an irresistible pair so pretty you may just catch yourself fighting the urge to howl.

Image: @shesalussh

Starlight, star bright

Stargazers no longer have to look up to appreciate these magnetic sky fires. There are more ways to showcase your star nail art than there are, well, stars in the sky. In this galactic voyage, a shiny soft pink gloss adorned with five-pointed foils is a true gold star of this skyward trend.

Let the sunshine in

Image: @nailsbyrosmery

Who says you can’t stare at the sun? With this crafty nail art, Mr. Golden will be emboldened on your digits. We love this mix of celestial elements that keep the sun the main feature it’s accustomed to being. A neutral backdrop creates the perfect canvas on which to emblazon these warm, sunny rays.

Image: @kelceydoes_nails

Planetary alignment

Greetings from your new favorite home planet. This extraterrestrial nail art is truly otherworldly. The black base and glittery green will beam you up and show everyone you’re a true believer – in fashion nails.

Image: @nailsbyrosmery


Night and day nails are 24/7 stunning. For those who consider the sky the main stage, this cloud-accompanied nail art is truly the best of both worlds. Proudly display each side of your personality with the orange glow or blue beams of these sun and moon scenes.

Image: @realnailsandbeyond

Zodiac attack

Do you live and love by your horoscope each week? Zodiac nail art may be just what the manicurist ordered. Whether you rep your own sun, moon, and rising or embrace all the constellations in the sky, this one’s sure to get the stars aligned.


Image: @ellielouisenails

Can’t possibly pick at the nail salon? Why not try a combination of all the celestial nail trends and gel nails? Sun, moon, and stars showcased across the night sky with plenty of purple and flashes of bright white will have strangers stopping to get a glimpse of the galaxy.

With these out of this world celestial nail trends, you won’t even need a telescope to number the stars.

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