Christabelle’s Closet: Editor Faves: Spring into Spring with Better Hair featuring By Gina Tools

Published on: 03/15/2019 3:42 pm

Your Scalp Will Serenade You With Love Songs

With spring around the corner, make sure you have the best (and healthiest) hair possible with these three hair perfectors!

Tools of the Trade:  Protect that scalp from the drying winter air with NEW By Gina Excel Infared Blow Dryer: Engineered using exclusive infrared Smart technology. Introduces a new way to dry hair with steam heat coupled with Ionic technology. The Excel Infrared Blow Dryer efficiently dries each strand, and by limiting heat exposure it produces negative ions to limit frizz and infuses each strand with moisture to recondition hair.

Must-Use Hair Oil: Rich Hair Care Silk Oil Serum: Your INSTANT Hair Hydrator, Organic jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and olive oil lock-in moisture, while leaving hair silky smooth. This serum is ideal for those who brush their hair a lot as it reduces friction that can cause hair to break. It also smooths the hair cuticle and helps prevent knots. $12.99

Mask it up! Evolis Professional Reverse Treatment Mask. This mask conditions thirsty strands and enriches hair with a boost of antioxidants, restoring life. The REVERSE Mask enhances hair suppleness and protects against damage, while increasing shine and volume. $40


Gina Rivera

Gina Rivera

Beauty Icon and Expert

Gina Rivera skyrocketed to success when the company she founded in 2007, Phenix Salon Suites, became the fastest-growing salon suite company in the beauty industry. With more than 300 locations nationally and international expansion occurring in the UK, Entrepreneur Magazine named Phenix Salon Suites a Top 500 Franchise list seven years running.