Gina Rivera’s Tip of the Week: How to Achieve Curls While You Sleep

Published on: 07/17/2022 5:20 pm

Want to achieve curls while you sleep? Here’s my recommendation for achieving a beautiful curly head of locks while sleeping:

– Create a pin curl by dampening the hair, rolling it up and pinning it down with bobby pins. Try curl cream for thicker hair that needs added hold. Sleep on it.

– For a beach wave, braid the hair loosely while damp or towel dry. Add some sea salt spray for extra curl. Wake up looking amazing.

– For larger curls, place a few buns on your head, secure with bobby pins. Go for more smaller buns for tighter curls

– Try Velcro rollers with towel dry or damp hair. Use a wide tooth comb in the morning to finish the look.

– Flexi rods are a great for natural hair. These can be utilized much like rollers and also optimized with a good curl cream.

– Always prep the hair by using a good wetline on a regular basis to ensure hair health. (Pure BioGen Complex is my favorite!)

– Never pin down and pull the hair too tight, as it can create stress and breakage.

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