Gina Rivera’s Tip of the Week – Lightening Up For Summer

Published on: 05/17/2019 10:49 am

My Tip of the Week is all about lightening up for summer!

Summer with its warm sunshine and long evenings is about to make its appearance. And along with summer is the desire for a lighter and brighter look when it comes to hair. Many are looking to lighten up their locks either naturally or by having their hairstylist put some highlights in for them.

Here are a few tips for those that are wanting a lighter look:

*Consult with your stylist.
*Ask your stylist to ensure the tone is correct.
*Ask your stylist to check the health of your hair and then make recommendations for maintaining.
*Don’t go for inexpensive over the counter products or items like lemon or peroxide that may damage your hair.
*Make sure you have a very good at home hair care regimen. (Pure Biogen Complex by Gina loaded with biotin, collagen and all of the B vitamins these are essential nutrients for your hair to stay healthy and look amazing).
*Taking care of your hair after coloring it maintains your highlights; ensuring they last for longer and look better.

Lighten up and have an amazing summer! And, don’t forget hair care products at By Gina.