Gina Rivera’s Tip of the Week: Selecting the Right Brunette Shade

Published on: 06/26/2022 6:08 pm

This year, regardless of the warmer season, we’re seeing all types of brunette shades heavily trending. No longer is this a shade for cool weather. If you’re considering brunette, here’s my tip for selecting the right shades:

  • Always make sure to work with your salon professional who can assist with identifying the right shade for your skin tone.
  • Taken into consideration both skin tone and eye color which will help to determine if you should go with warm or cool tones.
  • For a more natural look, go no more than two shades away from your natural color.
  • Consider how much dimension you would like (Hint: More dimension may require the use of multiple shades applied using different techniques).
  • Discuss with your Salon Professional how much maintenance various shades will require and determine what works for your lifestyle.
  • Have a wonderful time looking amazing!