How to Celebrate Halloween with a Spooky Good Manicure

Published on: 10/16/2020 2:48 pm

It’s creepy and it’s kooky, mysterious and spooky. Some might even say it’s all together ooky. That’s right. Halloween is upon us. Witching you could celebrate full out? Us, too. But we’ll take eating fistfuls of candy and spooking our loved ones at a social distance if it means we can still make the most of this very scary year.

Disappointed you can’t celebrate Halloween as usual this year? Don’t be! This list of Halloween nail art is to die for and will be a fun way for you and your nail salon professional to get in the Halloween “spirits”.

Bad moon rising

Photo courtesy of: @nailsbykirstenchanel Instagram

Trouble’s on the way with Halloween nails this bewitching. Start with a seasonally appropriate shade of orange and steadily apply simple four pointed stars and crescent moons all over. Want an accent nail? Matte black or a pop of purple are sure to have you howling.

Blood feast

Photo courtesy of: @desirrees_nails Instagram

Let the salon professional create a mini massacre with your bare hands. A drip of crimson from the top down or splattered throughout is a gorgeously gory way to display your bloodlust.

Monster mash

Photo courtesy of: @beyondsociablenail_lounge Instagram

You can’t beat a classic. Whether you want a monster mash up or nail down a single spook, your nail salong professional can create a grisly grip using only a few key colors and a tiny brush for detailing.

The great pumpkin

Photo courtesy of: @nailsbysophieerosiee Instagram

This matte orange menagerie packs quite the pumpkin punch. One flesh colored or black backdrop and your nail salon manicurist can conjure a single gourd to rule them all. Or, if you’re feeling the Halloween spirit, let her paint a whole patch!

Boils and ghouls

Photo courtesy of: @nails_inspo_ie Instagram

Your salon professional will have as much fun as you making this hauntingly memorable nail art. From their translucent tails to their expressive exoskeleton, these sweet specters will spirit you away.  

Candy crush

Photo courtesy of: @michelle.nailedit Instagram

Got a sweet tooth? Every salon will have these three simple shades to recreate the most iconic candy of all time. Pairs well with pumpkin spice and black liquorish for a devilish feeding frenzy.  

Skin and bones

Photo courtesy of: @lexurynails Instagram

Twist the bones and bend the back. Trim thee of your baby fat. Give her nails black as night, just … like… thisss. (Ps – thanks for the inspiration, Winifred Sanderson).

To die for nails

Photo courtesy of: @julie.regalnails Instagram

This murderous mix of black, red, and white are all you need to shine this Halloween. Drip blood from the base and have your accomplice help you scribe the remaining letters to really drive your maniacal message home.

If you’re not sure how to make the most of this year’s truly eerie all hallows eve, these salon manicure ideas will be the literal nail in the coffin.



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