8 Fun Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2022

Published on: 02/02/2022 12:59 pm

Honey isn’t just a delicious snack. It’s also a sweet way to shade your luxurious locks.

The category of honey blonde encompasses a lot with variations ranging from bronde to caramel (again, yum). Defined by its signature, amber-meets-gold gooey goodness, the trendy hair color definitely bears some resemblance to the real thing. Honey blonde hair colors are all about bringing a sense of warmth to your strands and going far beyond traditional light blonde highlights.

It’s the ultimate, sun-kissed hair color without ever subjecting your skin to all those wrinkle inducing rays. In a year when most of us are decidedly lacking in exotic vacations, this could be just the pick me up you need, especially as we head into winter.

Look on any magazine cover or scroll through your feed and you’ll see honey highlights are definitely having a moment. Try one of these irresistible honey blondes if you want to be part of it.

Honey blonde balayage

You’ve heard us fangirl over blonde balayage before, but this is next level love. It fuses two of our favorite all time hair trends into an impossibly pretty mix. With slightly darker roots and flecks of warmness alternated throughout, it’s a grow out-friendly way to give your hair some serious dimension.

Honey blonde highlights

Highlighting your hair with a honey blonde color is a great way to transition from one look to the next. Whether you’re slowly lightening your locks or trying to warm things up as we head into the cooler months, these toasted yellows and golden browns will have you melting.

Honey blonde ombre hair

When you really want to make a statement with your honey blonde hair, try an ombre technique. The method blends complementary hues that move from darkest to lightest. If it’s your first time going blonde, a honey ombre color can help ease you into the maintenance required to keep your newly blonde mane in tip-top condition.

Honey blonde highlights on black or brown hair

Taking dark hair to platinum can be challenging. However, transitioning black or brown hair with honey blonde highlights helps you add brightness without creating breakage. For anyone who has ever fawned over Beyonce’s honey blonde hair, you know what we mean. The combination of a slightly darker, chestnut brown base with toasted coconut golden blonde and hints of auburn is nothing short of flawless.

Honey platinum hair

On the brighter side of the spectrum is a platinum tinged honey hue. By nature it’s slightly darker and warmer than traditional, freshly bleached platinum dye jobs and ash blondes. However, you can still go really light with your look by lifting the ends or dispersing white blonde strands throughout a warm caramel color base. Honey platinum hair works especially well on fairer skin.  

Medium honey blonde hair

Bronde is a popular combination that seamlessly transitions strands from brown-ish to blonde-ish. It sits right between both hues on the hair color wheel and looks amazing on warmer skin tones. For hair that defies classification while magnetizing the masses, this option is a low-maintenance way to experience such a universal shade.

Honey ash blonde

Ash blonde is a popular trendy hair color category all on its own. Yet, when paired with the subtle sweetness of honey blonde, the two make a very pretty pair. Whether you relegate them to the roots, or splice a few towards the end of your hair, this cooler blonde can create a layered look that is as cute as it is complex.

Light honey hair color

For hair that looks how you feel after sipping a cup of herbal warm tea, go with a light honey color. Universally flattering and known to bring out cool eye colors like almost nothing else can, this is the kind of hair color that will make you wonder how you ever went without it. It can add dimension to your curls, frame your face, or wow with an all over warmth that is impossible not to love.

Honey Blonde Hues FAQs 

How do you make dark roots fashionable?

With dark root honey blonde balayage, you can make the most of your grow out. It’s a trendy way to showcase your roots while framing your face. The dimension of the lighter, honey parts, contrasted with deep root base is a seriously flattering way to rock new growth. Hair stylists will usually keep between 1 to 3 centimeters or go for a full, fashionable ombré or sombré. If you typically like to go a little longer between appointments, this is a great, trendy look to try out. Just make sure to pre-book your next service to maintain the honey color.

What highlights go with honey blonde?

ou can approach this trendy hair color a number of ways. One is to have a warm dark base and lighten them up with honey blonde highlights. You may also ask your hairdresser if copper highlights complement your coloring. They’re definitely a fit for your honey blonde base.

What do honey blonde highlights look like?

Done well, honey blonde highlights look like your hair has been naturally lightened where the sun hit it most: around your face on the ends. Highlights and lowlights blend seamlessly, giving you soft, curated, natural-looking dimension

How do you do honey blonde highlights on curly hair?

Honey blonde balayage is the preferred technique for curly hair. It allows the stylist to be selective about which face-framing pieces to hand paint. It’s also a safer way to make sure curls aren’t damaged in the process. And whatever you do, skip the at-home, honey blonde hair dye.

No matter your skin tone, regardless of your coloring, these fun honey blonde hair colors can bring out your best. It’s not too dark, not too light, and ideal for anyone looking to add some warmth to their locks. Blondes may have more fun, but honey blondes have it all.

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