How to Improve Your Customer Service Using Gina’s Platform

Published on: 05/26/2022 1:42 am
Customer Service Using Gina's Platform

Globally, 54% of all consumers say that they have higher customer service expectations than they did just one year ago, according to Nextiva. 

Like any good partnership, great stylist-client relationships come down to two things: connection and chemistry. Sure, it’s great when both can happen organically. But if you’re like most health, beauty and wellness businesses, you may need a little help to keep that connection strong for the long-term. 

Over time, all businesses experience some client attrition. However, good customer service in the beauty industry can totally transform your business for the better. And that starts with a great customer interaction from the jump. Whether your goal is to connect more deeply with your clients, expand your customer base, get more word-of-mouth referrals, or just make your work more meaningful, this is where to focus your efforts.

Want to cultivate or preserve the relationships you’ve worked so hard to build? Consider how an app like Gina’s Platform can help you give your clients that little something extra and improve customer service in meaningful ways. 

Solutions to Improve Customer Service in Health, Wellness, and Beauty Salons

In the salon, customer experience is everything. It’s important to remember that this overall impression starts long before they’re in your chair. 

That’s why salon customer service solutions like Gina’s Platform are so powerful. The app lets you stay connected with your clients before, during, and after their service. Acting on these organic moments of connection can do wonders for your business. 

Let’s look at just three of the app features that help put your clients first

  • Automate tasks so you can focus on the relationship. You don’t need an entire marketing department to operate like you have one. Gina’s Platform is a mobile app for lifestyle professionals designed to manage your business and help you market it. Thoughtful features facilitate your day-to-day and push your marketing messages, so you can stay present with your clients during their appointments.
  • Continuous communication and instant scheduling. A good relationship needs good communication. With the client management features on Gina’s Platform, you can ensure your clientele information stays safely stored in a secure cloud environment, so you never have to worry about losing your contacts. The same feature makes it a breeze to instantly create appointments, call your clients, or send them a quick text message. If you already have a CRM solution you like to use, you can import this information directly into the platform and sync your existing scheduling system.
  • Client history that never expires. The more loyal your client base, the more there is to recall. With Gina’s client management system, lifestyle professionals can access years of historical information for each individual client. That includes formulas, preferences, allergies, and special dates, as well as all past invoices. Want to run a report showing how much each client has spent with you over the course of your professional relationship? It’s easy to sort. That way, you can send your longest standing customers discounts and incentives that reward their loyalty. You can also see clients grouped by services, purchased products, and more. You’ll never be limited by note size either, so no matter how complex that color formula is, you’ll have space to wax poetic. Make notes about clients’ likes and dislikes, store text exchanges in “folders” to keep them organized, notate birthdays or keep track of when they first came to see you, so you have multiple touch points throughout the year. 

Customer Service FAQ: 

  • Why is improving customer service important? Day Smart Salon shares that, “The industry average retention rate for new clients is 35 percent.” That means 65 percent of the new clients you get, you’re likely to lose. Without the right customer service solutions, you’re more apt to see your customer base shrink significantly. 
  • Why is communication important in customer service? 50% of consumers will switch to a competitor after one bad experience, and 80% will switch to a competitor after more than one bad experience, according to ZenDesk. The better you can communicate with your clients, the better chance you have at salvaging the relationship – or avoiding a negative experience altogether. 
  • What is good customer service? Positive interactions, attentiveness, and attunement to client needs are all part of what makes good customer service great. 

Customer service in salons, wellness clinics, and health centers is different from the average retail experience. Lifestyle professionals have such close relationships to their clients, making the customer service stakes even higher. With Gina’s Platform, you can show up to your in-person appointments more fully, and let the app keep the rest of your client base happy.