by L’Oréal | Medium Knotless Box Braids Are the Low-Maintenance Protective Style You’ve Been Looking For

Published on: 10/21/2022 1:59 pm

Is there anything not to love about knotless box braids? They’re classic, eye-catching, low maintenance and the perfect style for giving our strands a little breather. While there’s nothing wrong with hairstyles that take 30+ minutes to perfect, there’s something satisfying about a protective hairstyle that comes in clutch. 

Medium knotless box braids may look like the traditional box braids for afar, but the omission of the knot at the root just makes these showstopping plaits look even more effortless. Get the scoop on medium knotless box braids including why this size braid is a popular choice and how to make your knotless braids look flawless for longer, here!