Mobile App Marketing: Grow Your Business with Gina’s Platform

Published on: 03/10/2022 10:40 am
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Few businesses succeed without consistent, dedicated marketing efforts. If your marketing plan hasn’t expanded into apps, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity. 

The mobile marketing benefits can’t be overstated. Just think of how often you check your phone. For most of us, it’s more than 260 times a day

You’re almost guaranteed to have a captive audience anytime you’re pushing marketing messages out by mobile. In app marketing allows you to speak directly to clients and customers who are already familiar with your beauty business. It’s arguably the most concentrated form of marketing you can do. 

Ready to make better connections with your clients and bring in more business? This primer shows you how Gina’s Platform can help beauty, health, and wellness business owners increase their profitability and attract new, loyal customers.

Mobile App Marketing 101

According to Mobile App Daily, “Implementing a mobile marketing strategy is simply the continuation of internet marketing, which is much targeted to attract mobile users in interesting ways… The prime motive of the mobile app marketing trend is to reach out to smartphone users at regular time intervals to make them aware through personalized notifications or advertisements.”

To reiterate, the key is to utilize app marketing in interesting ways. It’s one reason Gina’s Platform comes with unique features that help set your business apart. 

How to Attract More Customers with Gina’s Platform

With its thoughtful mix of user-friendly features, could this powerful mobile marketing platform be the answer to attracting more clients to your business? 

Here’s what’s in it for you and your customers:

  • – A full collection of marketing templates to help your tenants increase their client base through exclusively designed digital tools like a free professional website with booking.
  • – Mass emailing and texting capabilities so you can message all or part of your clients in one easy step. (Clients can also be segmented into “folders” where you can mass email and text only the ones you want to.)
  • – A free professional, simple-to-use website provided with your account. Your clients can book online just like big companies can. They can also view your portfolio, your promotions and add testimonials.
  • – A profile that’s automatically added to Gina’s Platform website where it is exposed to millions of people seeking your services.
  • – In-app social media tools that make it easy to share your free website and profile.
  • – “Book Now” buttons, which can be added to your social media accounts so that new and existing clients have easy access to your services and products.
  • – Client relationship tools that can help keep you connected and a part of your client’s regular life, decreasing your client attrition rate. 
  • – You can add promotions to become part of “Gina’s Deals” that will attract new clients to your budding business.

Compare these offerings to other salon mobile app competitors and you’ll see where others fall short. Gina’s Platform is a holistic tool for anyone who wants to be more intentional with their marketing and get serious about expanding their wellness or beauty business. 

Mobile App Marketing FAQ:

Anytime you’re venturing into something new there’s going to be questions. See if any of these sound familiar. 

  • Why is mobile marketing important?
  • We live in an instant-gratification culture. Mobile marketing allows you to reach your clients in real time, exactly where they are: their smartphones.
  • Why is attracting new customers important?
  • Even the best businesses experience client attrition. Behind the Chair estimates that for every 10 new clients that you work to bring in, only three will end up coming back.
  • How do you market to clients?
  • Although other forms of digital and traditional marketing are also important, marketing to existing clients is best done through your own mobile app.
  • Is mobile marketing effective?
  • According to Marketing Dive, “The average mobile response rate was 2.72 percent. In the case of the most successful campaign, the response rate reached 11.78 percent. The least successful mobile campaign had a response rate of 0.29 percent, which was still three times higher than the average response rate for Internet campaigns.”
  • Whether you’re ready to go full-scale or just dip your toe in the water, Gina’s Platform unlocks mobile marketing for small businesses in a big way. One click gets you started

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    Gina Rivera

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