Must Do’s: Blow Drying Techniques

Published on: 06/23/2020 12:04 pm

Help your hair by implementing our must do’s into your blow drying routine! With these simple and effective techniques, you will be able to eliminate damage and accentuate the beauty of your tresses in no time.

Towel Dry Your Hair, First

Consider towel drying your hair (in a microfiber towel), then allow your hair to dry naturally. If you can, the sweet spot is getting your hair to be about 55-60% dry before using a blow dryer. 

Use a Heat Protectant

While a heat protectant can’t fully eliminate damage, it really helps. Apply the product and use your fingers or a comb to distribute evenly. 

Utilize the Diffuser

Using the diffuser attachment on your blow dryer helps to distribute the heat to reduce direct heat damage. 

Switch to Infrared Technology

My By Gina Productions line utilizes infrared technology that steams the hair rather than applying direct heat. It provides natural shine and locks in moisture. Click here to shop.