A Better Natural Skincare Routine (and Skin) in 6 Easy Steps

Published on: 12/23/2020 9:48 am

Change your skincare routine, change your skin. That’s our motto at least. And believe us, it works.

Sure, you need to invest in a quality product, but that doesn’t mean they have to be chock full of chemicals in order to work. In fact, simple natural skincare with everyday ingredients can be just as effective as designer brands, if not more.

When you stop to consider just how powerful Mother Nature can be, is it really any surprise she has the ability to transform your skin, too?

No matter whether you struggle with acne, have sun damage, or want to focus on anti-aging, there is a natural skincare routine for you.

Start with these six skincare steps and build from there.

What does “all-natural” mean?

If you’re looking to implement a DIY skin routine but aren’t sure what constitutes “all-natural” you’re not alone.  Jennifer Chwalek, MD, a dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City, explained the concept of natural skincare to Everyday Health.

The nontoxic or natural term suggests that the product is free from synthetic chemicals that may be linked to health problems or that many people get irritated by (or both)، including fragrance, dyes, and certain preservatives such as parabens.

Others just categorize all-natural products as anything “hypoallergenic.”

But by all means, judge for yourself. Start by looking at the ingredient list of every product on your shelf. Don’t recognize every single one? No need to throw it out just yet.

However, you do want to be on the lookout for certain additives. For instance, if you see parabens, phthalates, PEGs, SLS, or mineral oil listed, consider trading it out.

All-natural cleansers

All skin care routines, easy or involved, start with this all-important step. You might be surprised to learn that the ingredients you have in your pantry can be the best natural skincare.

Coconut oil is a standout due to its non-comedogenic properties. In other words, it won’t clog your pores. All you need is a tub from the baking aisle heated to room temp and a warm washcloth. (The cooler it is, the more difficult it will be to pry from the bottle.) Smooth onto the face and rub in a circular motion. Then use your damp washcloth to remove. It’ll naturally take away dirt, oil, and impurities with it.

All-natural toners

Repeat after us, gly-col-ic-ac-id. It’s a fruit-based toner that doubles as a gentle exfoliant, a critical part of any complete skincare routine.  However, glycolic acid doesn’t play well with some harsher products or other acids. Many prefer the always-gentle witch-hazel or rose water toner. If you’re looking for a very cost-effective solution, try soaking a cotton pad in apple cider vinegar to help tone and cleanse.  

All-natural exfoliants

Removing dead skin cells isn’t just good for preventing breakouts. It’s also healthy for your skin.

The trick is to do so gently without disrupting your skin’s natural biome. When building your route, start simply. Natural French clay provides a host of benefits like tightened pores, improved circulation, and decreased blackheads.

100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay is another grocery store find that can change the way you care for your skin. Simply mix with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (are you seeing a theme?) and rinse after about 15 minutes or less for sensitive skin.

Regular exfoliation is key but try not to do so more than about 2 times a week.

All-natural masks

Manuka honey is a medical-grade substance that’s been used to treat a variety of ailments from burns to germs for centuries. Its anti-bacterial properties make it the ideal addition to your regular skin routine.

It’s unprocessed and unpasteurized. Meaning, that milky color, and thick consistency can deliver some serious vitamins and nutrients when applied as a facemask. Nourishing, hydrating, and luxurious, it’s totally worth the slightly increased price tag.

All-natural serums

If you use only one serum, make it a Vitamin C. Not all are totally natural, but brands like Mad-Hippie do a great job pairing the essential with the effective.

All-natural moisturizers

No natural beauty tip for your face is more important than choosing the right all-natural moisturizer. For some, you might choose a simple oil like rosehip seed. For others, you may want to get a thicker night cream. Just make sure to read all the ingredients carefully before you commit. 

In the end, the best natural skincare routine is the one that prioritizes your skin’s individual composition. You may skew dry, run sensitive, or be in a constant battle with your concealer, but don’t give up. It may take some trial and error to find your perfect mix, or a little help from the professionals. In time, you’ll curate the ideal healthy skincare routine, regardless if it’s natural or not.



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