Gina’s Platform Makes Collecting Payments Easy

Published on: 04/25/2020 11:47 am

Looking for a way to streamline your payment collection process? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

As experienced lifestyle professionals, I know that some of the best parts of the job is practicing our craft, working with clients, and the thrill of seeing them transformed. But even if you love your work so much you’d do it for free, most of us, well, don’t.

That’s what makes an effortless payment collection system, like the one offered on Gina’s Platform, so essential to your business. Simplify your payment process, and you’re instantly freed from unnecessary bookkeeping headaches. When you use the Payment Center in the Gina’s Platform app, you can focus on doing what you love – not troubleshooting your payment process. I wanted to make sure this process was easy and painless for you. I remember the days when I was struggling dealing with the various payment collection systems out there. I knew I had to find a way to make this process BETTER.

What makes it so easy?

Gina’s Platform takes what worked, and leaves out the rest. The result is a single page of payment options that makes once difficult tasks like splitting and merging tickets a breeze. It’s everything you need to invoice, track, collect, and report customer payments in one spot – instantly organized.

As a merchant service Gina’s Platform makes everything from credit cards from payment processing simplified and placed in one place with easy access. It is everything a small business like a hair salon needs keep the books in the books and your time with your cliental.

How much does it cost? 

Nothing. You can use Gina’s Platform and the Payment Center features at no cost to you: no monthly fees, no transaction fees, and no contracts.  

It’s no secret that accepting cards legitimizes your biz. Customers love it too! It’s a convenient exchange all around. That is, if your payment collection system is up to par.  If your clients prefer to pay by credit card instead of cash, you’ll have access to the absolute lowest processing rate available anywhere–just 2.5%.* If you choose, you can wrap that processing fee into your rates and offer a cash discount to clients who forego paying with plastic.  

What will I get? 

Salon and other lifestyle professionals looking for the best credit card processing deal in the industry can skip the fine print.  With Gina’s Platform there is none. What you’ll get: 

  • Industry low 2.5% credit card rates*
  • Amex processing abilities 
  • no transaction fees
  • no monthly fees
  • no minimum volume
  • no contracts

The integrated Payment Center in Gina’s Platform offers you and your clients ultimate flexibility. You can take payments in person or send invoices for services or product through the app.  Your clients can pay through the app or on your free, personalized web page. Your ability to accept credit and act as a merchant service for your customers are all at your fingertips.

Are there other benefits? 

Some other benefits of using Gina’s Platform include: 

  • Recording cash, credit or check payments with an option to link to appointment information and instantly confirm entries.
  • Quickly and easily process complex functions like merging or splitting tickets, accepting partial credit and cash payments, and processing coupons or discounts. 
  • Automatically apply, track, and report quarterly sales tax for products. 
  • Send email or text requests to clients for advanced online payments of services or product purchases. 
  • Zero-fee credit card processing at 2.5%* (chip or swiped) – the industry’s absolute lowest.
  • Cash discount option.
  • Inventory made easy. Product sales are automatically recorded and depleted from your stock list. 
  • Printable, at-a-glance profit reports available.

Gina’s Platform will revolutionize how you manage your cash flow with a streamlined payment collection system that is simple and easy to use.  Join us on Gina’s platform and see how easy it is to do what you love and get paid quickly and efficiently!



*credit card processing rate is a dynamic percentage that will fluctuate with market rates. But you can be sure we’ll stay true to having the industry’s lowest fees.

Gina Rivera

Gina Rivera

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