Our Favorite Celeb-Inspired Haircuts for Women Over 50

Published on: 02/10/2022 1:04 pm

We’re all getting older, but just because we may not be in our 20s anymore doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice style—especially when it comes to hair. But when it comes to picking out a new look, a variety of factors come into play. “It’s… crucial to take into account the texture of the hair and know what the objectives of the client are,” says celebrity hairstylist Gina Rivera. While there are those who wish to opt for a wash and wear style, others prefer a cleaner, more polished look. According to Rivera, “it’s important to consult with your hairstylist because they are well trained to take these items into account when helping you to select the right hairstyle.” 

Whether you want to a major cut or just switch up your regular style, we’ve got you covered with tips from Rivera and Oribe educator and stylist Adam Livermore.


• Gina Rivera is the founder of Phenix Salon Suites. She is also the creator of Colours by Gina and the By Gina hair product line.

• Adam Livermore is a hairstylist and international educator at Oribe, based in New York City.

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Credit to: Julyne Derrick and Sky Kim for byrdie.com.