People | These Are The 9 Best Rice Water Shampoos of 2022

Published on: 10/07/2022 5:53 pm

There’s no shortage of TikTok beauty trends, but one of the buzziest of late — using rice water on your hair — is more than just social media hype. Rice water (yes, as in the water that’s leftover from cooking rice) is rich in nutrients that can do great things for your strands. It actually has a long history of use in Asian cultures for this very reason. For starters, rice water is rich in amino acids. According to Gina Rivera, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Phenix Salon Suites, “[Rice water is] thought to aid in hair regeneration, since amino acids are well known for contributing to collagen production and increasing the strength of the hair.” The amino acids in rice water may also work to help make the hair smoother and shinier, as well as reduce tangling, she adds. You may have also heard rice water touted as a good hair growth solution. While that claim needs more research, it is good for overall scalp health, which is always imperative for healthy hair growth.

While you absolutely could cook up a batch of rice and then spray or rinse your hair with the leftover water (as TikTok suggests) there are actually shampoos fortified with rice water that are a much easier way to reap the benefits. All hair types and textures can use these shampoos, though they likely will have the best and most noticeable effects on coarse or damaged hair, points out Rivera.

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