Perfect Partners – Steel and Lavender

Published on: 07/08/2019 8:29 am

Spring is here and with it comes a new wave of hair colour trends.  It is the perfect time to have a little bit of fun with your overall style.  Introducing what we call the perfect colouring partners, Light Steel mixed with pale lavender and it is just in time for Spring! 

Perfect for everyone, the new colour trend starts at the roots with a light steely grey then softly blends into shades of pale lavender.  If you already have grey hair then perfect as you can accessorize your grey with wispy pieces of lavender along the mid-lengths and ends.  Now I know what you may be thinking….shouldn’t I be covering up my grey hair?  My answer would be NO, embrace the grey and for those of you who do not have grey then let’s freshen up that look with a bit of steel and lavender!

This new hair colour trend is perfect for all hair colours and types and can be embraced by everyone.For those with blonde hair this new hair colour trend can really liven up your style giving you a more creative look with an almost hologram glow.  If you are naturally dark then you will need to lighten up your mid-lengths and ends then re-colour with the lavender.  Connect with your colourist and together you can decide how best to achieve this new trendy shade blend. 

John Aultman, Artistic Director for Phenix Salons and celebrity colourist is loving the new shade trend.  Instead of camouflaging his grey hair clients he supplements their steely tone with hand painted sections of lavender.  Using a combination of the new COLOURS by Gina Lightening Dust coupled with the shade mixers and High Lift tones from COLOURS by Gina Curated Colour collection John creates a truly custom colour creation that is now coveted by his clients.  “My clients have truly embraced this new trend and they love the idea that I am painting on their hair”. 

Super easy to achieve this gorgeous colour blend looks good on all styles and textures and it especially looks amazing when they hair is styled with loose waves.  This colour trend cannot be created at home so be sure to visit with your colourists; only they can create this trend-setting look.  Need a colourist in you area?  Here are our favorite Gina’s Platform certified creative colourists near you…..

Gina Rivera

Gina Rivera

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