TIP OF THE WEEK – Getting that great pin curl for a fun holiday look

Published on: 12/22/2020 12:46 pm

Beauty Expert & Phenix Salon Suites Founder, Gina Rivera’s Tip of the Week:

Want to create a great pin curl for a fun holiday look. Here’s some tips for getting a great look.

  • Start with second day hair that has some styling product already in it.
  • Separate hair into one -inch sections.
  • Take each section of hair and dampen with water, then wrap strands starting at ends around two fingers rolling towards scalp.
  • Roll all curls in the same direction
  • Remove fingers and secure curl with bobby pins  in an x-formation to the scalp.
  • Allow hair to dry completely and then, remove the bobby pins.
  • Style using fingers. For larger curls, use a vent brush to gently comb through.
  • Do not over style.
  • Finish with CLUTCH hairspray for the perfect hold that allows movement.