Pretty INK – Newest tattoo trends

Published on: 07/05/2019 12:33 pm

Tattoos are a widely accepted form of expression and showcase our individual thoughts and ideals.  As a woman I especially like the latest tattooing trends as I find them to be super feminine and chic.

Old methods are new again. 

Did you know that women are now the biggest segment of the population receiving a tattoo?  Key reason, tattoo artist are now looking to the past and have adopted the age old use of a single needle to create dainty designs.  Instead of big bold lines the single needle tattoo mimics a fine pencil drawing.  The single needle allows the artist to create more precision to their work almost giving the design an airbrushed look.  

Follow the line.

Tattooing was once utilized to display your personal history highlighting your trials and tribulations as well as celebrations.  But have you ever thought above giving youself a more personalized mark.  The newest trend in tattooing is to enhance your skin with decorative lines.  They don’t have to tell a story or define a time in your life so much as enhance your overall beauty. 

Location Location Location.

Now that you have decided you want to add art to your body the big question is where to put it!  A great tattoo is not only about the artistic nature of the design;  placement is just as important.  The new must have location for tattoos is on the shoulder just below the clavicle. 

For women this space is super feminine and outlines beautifully one of the sexiest areas for a woman.  For men, this space highlights their brawn and showcases their muscular frame.  As a plus, the shoulder is easy to conceal but can easily be featured depending on your street wear.  The shoulder gets my vote for best place to showcase your new ink.

White is the new black.

Traditionally tattoos are designed using thin or think black lines and then shaded with grey.  The new color trend is white and it is being used exclusive for the entire design.  Originally thought to be an accent color only, white tattoos look like they are designed as a secret.  Not readily evident when you look at the skin they almost play hide and seek on your skin. 

Interested in trying a new form of expression?  Then visit these tattoo specialists in your area. 

Gina Rivera

Gina Rivera

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