SheFinds | 3 Unflattering Haircuts That Age You Instantly Over 40

Published on: 09/13/2022 1:39 pm

Here’s the truth about your hair and aging: you should choose any haircut or style that makes you feel amazing. All hair is different, all personalities are different, and there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to styling. But maybe you’ve been feeling lately like your current hair style isn’t YOU anymore. Whether you’ve outgrown your old look and are bored with it or you feel like the cut itself is leaving your hair looking more limp and lifeless and want to achieve more volume in your hair, you may feel like it’s time for an update and a nice change. Great — but the first thing you probably shouldn’t do is run to your salon with a photo of a celebrity sporting a cutting-edge style.

If you are trying to maintain a fresh look, keep reading to learn about the three haircuts it can help to avoid, here!