Stylists Agree: These Are The Sexiest Short Haircuts For Women Over 40

Published on: 02/15/2022 10:02 am

As we age, many of us think we have to stick to a mature, short haircut, but turning 40 does not have to mean playing it safe! Rocking your ageless beauty is possible with experimentation and adventure, and what better way to mix things up than hitting the salon for a new haircut?

We spoke with Gina Rivera, celebrity hairstylist and Founder of Phenix Salon Suites for three sexy haircuts you can definitely pull off at any age, and that women over 40 can always rely on for timeless, chic and effortless energy.

Flat, lifeless hair be gone— read on for stylist tips for each kind of cut, and why short hair doesn’t have to be boring (and definitely isn’t with these styles!)

1. Textured Bob

Fun, flirty and full of movement, this hairstyle centers around layers and texture to prevent a dull and flat look. It’s timeless and as seen here on Emma Stone, effortlessly glamorous and can be parted in the middle or side depending on your face shape and what works for you.

“A textured bob is always a terrific youthful look,” says Rivera. Texturizing, she says, provides a fuller look with more volume, “which tends to be youthful.” In addition, removing weight and creating movement “always increases the appearance of youthfulness,” she adds.

2. Trendy Pixie Cut 

This haircut allows full, undivided attention to your beautiful face! With lots of layers, this style also provides its wearer with skyrocketing volume and its youthful exuberance never goes out of style, as seen here on Halle Berry, who often rocks this look as her iconic go-to. 

“A pixie is such a fun look for aging beauties,” Rivera says. “The pixie is very stylish and trendy which can create a youthful feel in itself.”

3. Layered Shag 

This cut is the best of both worlds— it’s not *too* short if you’re not quite ready for a big chop, but it still provides volume and a punky edge from the collarbone length and up. Paired with sultry, eyebrow-grazing fringe like here on Alexa Chung, the shag has been a cool and signature look for many rock stars and beyond since its debut in the 1970s. 

“Face-framing cuts like the shag also work well for taking years off,” adds Rivera. “The shag is a great style for softening features because it frames and highlights your face.”

Overall, there are so many great haircuts for women over 40 that prove sexiness and beauty are truly ageless and that getting older (despite what anyone or society says) means you can still experiment and mix things up for as long as you wish to! These cuts are undeniably classic, and your stylist can help shape them for your face and hair type. 

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Credit to: Marissa Matozzo