The Zoe Report | Welcome To Babushka Scarf Summer — Your Hair’s Never Looked Better

Published on: 05/12/2022 3:48 pm

Between the rise of hair clips and scrunchies, butterfly clips, and tendrils, it’s safe to say hair trends and accessories from the Y2K era are back like never before. The latest accessory social media is loving: head scarves, with patterned or solid-colored rectangle and square scarves that can be worn seemingly endless ways for a cute summer look. They work great for bad hair days, protection against wind or rain, or as an on-the-go polished style.

And again, the head scarf isn’t a new trend, as it started way before the ‘90s (and the current Y2K craze), but this summer you’ll see modern iterations on the traditional item. “Hair scarves are definitely a ‘70s vibe,” says Aquage brand ambassador and celebrity stylist Laura Polko. “But this trend coincides with the increase of people experimenting with accessories, especially those that circle back to different eras and inspirations.”

Wondering how to add the go-to accessory to your styling repertoire? Fortunately, the trend is so beloved because of the variety of looks you can create, both minimalism and intricately detailed. Lucky, TZR curated an expert-approved list of six ways to style the popular summer headpiece, according to celebrity hair stylists. From long hair, short hair, curls or waves, here are the six best ways to stay on top of the head scarf trend this summer.