TIP OF THE WEEK – How to help your child feel comfortable with getting a haircut

Published on: 06/22/2021 9:52 am

Most of us have encountered the small child that is afraid of having their haircut and possibly even visiting the salon. Here’s some of my tips for handling your littlest clients.

  • When the child arrives introduce yourself and take them on a mini tour where you explain what takes place in each part of the salon. (Note: start with the salon chair, visit the washbowl, show the scissors and the hair dryer)
  • Make sure to ask if they have questions and strive to answer all of them.
  • Keep an extra child’s shirt on hand in case the child refuses to wear the cape. (Hint: You can always describe the cape as a Superhero cape to get them more on board).
  • Explain to the child that they’re getting their hair “styled” or trimmed”. It’s best to avoid using the word “cut” as this can sound scary.
  • Keep a small treasure box on hand and allow the child to draw a gift at the end of the appointment if they behave and are brave.