Face-to-Face with 2022s Most Enviable Eyebrow Trends

Published on: 02/01/2022 2:15 pm

You may not be able to change them out as easily as a pair of earrings, but our brows are every bit as important as any accessory. 

And like any good fashion piece, these trends have seasons, too. However, the best eyebrow trends of 2022 are sure to make a statement.

We all remember the pencil-thin patches of the 90s or the super manicured sweeps of the aughts. This year we’re seeing some equally distinguishable designs that your clients will be eager to recreate. 

Meet the brow trends that are taking over in 2022. Prepare to wow your clients with Instagram worthy brows and looks that could kill.

Photo courtesy of: @ellieraymont Instagram
  • Brushed up brows. Also known as “soap brows” this is a play on the au naturale trend. To get the look of these natural brows, forego the gel and use a more humble skincare product (clear bar soap) to keep hairs in place. The technique is said to last longer than many other eyebrow products and gives brows a “fluffy” looking texture that screams summer.
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  • Pared-back brows. No matter what’s trending, some of us prefer our face furs to be a little subtler. This toned down trend is great for those who want their eyebrows to be one of many features on their face, not necessarily the star of the show. Think natural-hued tints that don’t obscure your client’s complexion. 
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  • Bushy brows. Celebs often set the tone for trends – brows included. For years, Cara Delevingne was the poster child for brow style. This year, there’s a new kid in town. We suspect Timothy Chalamet is behind these bushy beauties. When crafting, keep the brows slightly closer together. This low maintenance look is best achieved with a quick tweeze in between with some flicks of hair on each side. More and more makeup artists are seeing this celebrity inspired eyebrow trend catch on so don’t be surprised if you see more clients loving this look.
Photo courtesy of: @ballsaal_artist_mgmt Instagram
  • Wet brows. Dewy skin is always in style. Guess it was only a matter of time before dewy brows caught on, too. Seems the wet look has graduated from hair and eyelid to eyebrow – and we’re not mad about it. Set the shape first, then use a wax-finish formula clear brow setting gel to keep locks glossy and lustrous.
Photo courtesy of: @hibrow_cosmetic_clinic_ Instagram
  • Multi-directional brows. These brows look like they were caught in a windstorm. And yes, it’s very much intentional. For those clients who can’t be defined by a single direction, this look does double duty, lifting the arch and lengthening the line. Brows need to be filled, brushed on the diagonal, and set to achieve this breezy brow of these bold brows.
Photo courtesy of: @asyabysascha Instagram
  • Eyebrow extensions. The super fine hairs used in eyebrow extensions are attached using a skin-safe, medical-grade adhesive. Like eyelash extensions, they are adhered one-by-one. They can be fixed to the brow bone or lengthen an existing eyebrow hair. Create whatever shapes you like in a natural-looking way.

Eyebrows are an important framing facial feature. They’re also a versatile one. Whether you’re threading, tweezing, waxing or tattooing them into submission, use this 2022 trend guide to help you steer clients in a direction they’ll love!

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