Trendy Summer Haircuts for 2022

Published on: 01/21/2022 2:49 pm

Have you noticed how good everyone’s hair looks coming out of quarantine? Those who’ve already gone in for their summer snip are way ahead of the curve. The heat can do a number on your hair. And that’s before other factors like chlorine, salt water, and UV rays take their toll. 

No matter how many failed attempts or quarantine cuts you went through this last year, a breezy summer hairdo can make you feel like a new person and keep your hair healthy despite increased exposure to the elements. 

After too much time indoors, it’s time to (literally) let your hair down. Before you do, check out these summer hair ideas to mark your reentry. 

Stacked Curls 

Summer hair trends come and go, but curly hair is forever. This layer-forward cut defines and showcases curls. Best suited for hair that’s naturally textured, it’s a fun way to work with or accentuate your hair’s inherent volume. Angles can be more rounded and subtle or asymmetrical depending on how trendy you want to be. Ask your stylist which gradient would look best with your textured locks. 

Long, textured layers 

Summers are for adventures and memory-making, not standing in front of a blowdryer. Good thing this long, layered look requires minimal maintenance. It’s one of the longstanding best hairstyles for summer. All you need is a lightweight styling foam to help hold hair’s natural shape. You can also let your hair air dry and then spritz it with a few pumps of sea salt spray to give hair an intentionally messy, matte finish with a touch of texture.  

Chin-length bob with bangs

There’s a misconception that bangs and fringe are strictly for fall. Meanwhile, this ideal hairstyle for summer gets unnecessarily passed over. The truth is, when shorter hair is cut right, it practically gives you a wash-and-go maintenance level that can accessorize any outfit. Even a short bob pulled back in a ponytail and secured with a color-coordinated scrunchy is a look!

Highlighted box braids

This multidimensional box braid is a standout among summer hairdos. It keeps hair safe, protected, and tangle-free as you set off for your summer adventures. Loaded with versatility, they really are limitless. Make them your own with different color strands, triangle sections, a combination of braided and loose hair, additions like beads, extra length, etc. 

Cute hairstyles for summer don’t have to be lengthy. In fact, this summer pixie cut has become the go-to for many emerging from their cocoons. Said to be a sign of those who are ready to change their lives, this short and sassy style is sheer genius. (Pun intended.)  

Summer Hair FAQ

Cutting and caring for hair in summer is different from any other time of year. Keep these questions/answers in mind as you’re deciding which hairdo to do. 

Is an undercut good for summer?

Undercuts are an impossibly cool way to cut your hair for summer. They take out bulk and can keep hair off your neck, allowing you to enjoy long hair without the hassle. Just keep in mind that they do take some time to grow back out. Talk to your stylist and see whether or not they recommend an undercut for your hair’s texture and thickness.

What is the best way to wear hair when it’s hot?

Hair pulled back or into a bun is a go-to summer look. However, some people prefer to embrace the sweatiness of summer and allow it to give their hair texture some added interest. You can also try securing hair under a scarf using a breathable material like silk to help accessorize your look. 

Is it bad to straighten your hair in the summer?

The UV rays, heat, and exposure to chlorine can damage follicles and strip the hair shaft. Adding additional heat during the styling process can exacerbate this process. Instead, use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, apply hair oil, and sleep with your wet, clean hair in a bun or braids to give your locks some non-heat produced texture. Worried about humidity? Try adding a leave in conditioner to the mix to help tame flyaways. 

This is shaping up to be a much needed hot girl summer, especially after the last one we had. Make sure you start the season off right by finding a professional to give your locks some TLC. We’re standing by to help tame your tresses and get you looking fresh for your post-quarantine debut. Slots are filling up fast – schedule your session here

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