Irresistible Valentines Day Makeup Looks That Will Make You Swoon

Published on: 02/01/2021 11:23 pm

Valentine’s day in quarantine. Now that’s a first! How do you celebrate a holiday built around physical closeness when you have to social distance?! Well, you can start by busting out those brushes and picking a palette. (Those zoom filters are great, but they only go so far.) 

For many of us, doing our makeup is an act of self-care, nay, self-love. It’s one thing we can control in an otherwise crazy-making mix of unknowns. What you do on the actual day is less about having an exciting date planned and more about feeling excited in your own skin. 

So, after you’ve picked out your little black dress (or sweat suit set) to layer on over your lingerie (or favorite t-shirt), it’s time to show yourself some love. Follow any one of these Valentine’s Day makeup ideas to tap your inner cupid

Before You Start Your Valentine’s Day Makeup

Doing your makeup for Valentine’s Day starts like any other application. You need a clean, fresh face and a basic idea of the steps you should apply your products. 

Some general makeup tips to keep in mind: 

  1. Start with a clean face. Wash your face and use a gentle toner afterwards. Apply a cotton pad with Miceller water to remove any stubborn, leftover eye or face makeup. 
  2. Always moisturize. You should be moisturizing anytime you wash your face, even if you have oily skin. Otherwise you could disrupt your skin’s natural PH. If you are worried about looking too greasy, opt for a light primer-moisturizer combo. 
  3. Apply primer. If your moisturizer doesn’t have a built-in primer, use one now. 
  4. Conceal and color-correct. You may use light colors like orange or green color correcting makeup to mask pimples and dark under eye circles. Treat with a regular concealer slightly lighter than your skin after. Don’t forget your lids, too!
  5. Finish with foundation. Use a clean makeup sponge or blender to apply all-over foundation. Don’t be afraid to mix multiple shades to match your skin tone! 
  6. Shape and fill your brows. Go dramatic or subdued depending on the rest of your Valentine’s makeup look. 
  7. Do your eye shadow. Add your base color to your lid then work your way out, darkening the crease and highlighting the brow. 
  8. Line your lids. Waiting until after you do your mascara can create clumps. 
  9. Put on mascara. Doing this after the rest of your eye makeup is complete allows the mascara to build on any powder that’s fallen in the process, making your lashes appear thicker. 
  10.  Line and fill your lips. No Valentine’s Day makeup look is complete without a little lip.  Even if you’re going glossy, you can define your lips and make them feel fuller by lining them first. 
  11.  Set it! You worked hard on that look! Use a finishing spray applied in an X and T motion to set it all in place. 

Valentine Makeup Looks You’ll Love

Step away from the chocolate box. It’s time for the fun part – selecting your makeup for Valentine’s Day! You can base your look around what you’ve got planned, a cocktail with your gal pals, stay-at-home dinner with your S.O., Zoom date with your Nana (hey – Grandparents need love too!), or do your makeup just for you. Using your face as a blank canvas to get creative for creativity’s sake is a great use of your time! 

Try out one of these Valentine’s Day YouTube makeup tutorials to get your artistic juices flowing: 

Valentine’s Date Night

Got a Valentine’s Date? When in doubt, go glam. 

Simple Valentine’s Day Makeup

Because sometimes the best makeup looks like no makeup at all … 

Purple Passion Valentine’s Makeup

RiRi knows that pink and red aren’t the only Valentine’s colors du jour. Follow her lead. 

Vintage Valentine

Perfect for achieving that classic, easy Valentine’s Day makeup look, even if you don’t FaceTime with your grandmother.  

Tips For Keeping Makeup Off Your Mask

Masks are another part of our new normal that can feel very anti-Valentine’s. Still, they don’t have to ruin your look if you make the right preparations. (No one wants to contend with facemask makeup.) 

Remember the last step in our makeup application? Setting spray is your best friend if you’re trying to navigate makeup with a facemask, so use it liberally where your mask will come into contact with your skin. You could also try a kiss-proof lipstick or lip-stain to keep your pout in place. If you’re going glossy, go clear or apply after it’s safe to remove the mask. 

Not comfortable removing your mask or think makeup and facemasks simply don’t mix? Play up your peepers and let your Valentine’s eye makeup take center stage! 

There are as many unique ways to ring in Valentine’s Day as there are types of love in the world. And it all starts with the attention and care you show yourself. Can your V-day makeup make up for missing your galentines or depriving you from a hot night on the town with your sweetie?  Maybe not, but it’s definitely a place to start.

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Gina Rivera

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