Well + Good | Why Stylists Say ‘Hair Shocking’ Is the Secret To Reviving Dull, Lifeless Strands

Published on: 09/07/2022 2:11 pm

Any time your hair starts feeling blah, chances are, it’s trying to tell you something. The message it’s trying to send when it looks lackluster? It’s time to reboot your routine, which is why stylists recommend “shocking” your hair to get things back on track.

According to Phenix Founder and Celebrity Stylist Gina Rivera, “hair shocking” involves changing up your routine to give your scalp and strands a jolt to stimulate growth and get your hair health trending in the right direction. Then, when you go back to using your regular products, your hair will be better prepped to reap all of their benefits. Just keep in mind that this process works best on hair that isn’t past the point of severe damage—so if you’re dealing with issues beyond general dullness and dryness, you’ll probably need a more intensive routine overhaul instead of a one-time shock.

With that, keep reading to find out how stylists recommend kick-starting your journey back to healthy hair!