EYES are the windows to your soul!

Published on: 07/03/2019 1:29 pm

Remember the old saying “eyes are the window to your soul”, well they were right and with the latest eye enhancements options out there, you have no excuse for not showing off your beautiful orbs!

Be a bit dramatic – Really how show off your eyes with lash extensions.  Available in many lengths. The first appointment will take about 1 hour.  Your lash technician will walk you through the lash options specifically length and style (curly, slightly curled).  You may be tempted to go for the longest lashes available but beware if you wear sunglasses you will experience a bit of rubbing as your lashes will hit the front of lens making blinking a bit challenging.  If in doubt regarding the length and style then follow the advice of your lash technician as they will know what is best to support both your eye shape, face size and lifestyle.

A full set of lashes can cost between $100 – $250.  You may think it is a bit pricey but trust me it is so worth it!  Be ready to be amazed as you can now walk out the door with just a dusting of blush and a bit of gloss.  Get ready to look fabulous with little to no prep time!  To maintain your gorgeous lashes you will need to come back in for refills.  Like anything else hair related your eyelashes go through a growing phase which can last roughly 8 to 10 weeks, then they fall out and regenerate.  For the new lashes growing in you will need to apply a new lash extension so plan to revisit your lash tech every two to three weeks.  A “fill-in”
 as they are called can cost $45 – 75 per visit. 

One bit of advice, if you want your fabulous lashes to stay amazing then follow the care instructions given to you by your lash tech .  For example, stay away from facial Oils that are all the rage . They are not your friends and can negatively impact the adhesive used to apply your lashes.  And for those eye rubbers out there STOP.  Be gentle to your eyes, aggressive rubbing or washing in that area can dislodge your lashes forcing you to look a bit lopsided giving you a few long lashes followed by little mini-lashes.    You made the investment so try to take care!

Our favorite superstar of the lash world is Sheby McKiney from the famed Lashing Out located in Dallas. Check her out at lashingout.com

It is time to be bold – It is time to embrace a more natural, fluffy brow look and microblading techs have created new techniques that deliver on this new trend.  Working outside the lines Micro-blading techs can mimic a more natural brow look using a hand-held tool that houses up to 14 blades.  Multiple pigments are then implanted using small slices into the top skin layer.  These super fine slices mimic the look of your natural hair and will maintain their overall look for upwards of 6 months. 

I know you must be thinking “slices, OMG….slices”.  The treatment is next to painless and at its worst mimics the feeling of a papercut.  The most important bit of advice I have for you is be sure to visit with an experienced technician.  Research their credentials, look through their before and after pictures  and review the techs testimonials.  Expect to pay  $500- $800 for an experienced micro-blade technician.  

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Gina Rivera

Gina Rivera

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