2022 Beauty Trends That Will Transform Your Routine

Published on: 05/24/2022 1:42 am
2022 Beauty Trends

Sometimes, you just need a change. We’re all about beauty routines – they keep our skin hydrated and healthy and our makeup poppin’ – but if they become too habitual, things can get a little boring. 

Maybe you’re in the opposite camp. After a year of staying on your toes, battling maskne, and worrying about COVID-related hair loss, you’re just ready for something better. 

As Allure observes, “2021 did do a fabulous job of keeping us guessing: After a year of intense shifts in priorities, new skin-care concerns, and supply chain issues all due to COVID-19, the beauty world looks as different as we all feel.” 

If you’ve been looking to experiment with some fresher, bolder looks to get you out of your rut and on-trend, these are the new trends in beauty to try.

Makeup trends 2022

Makeup trends 2022

Whether you want a different makeup look for everyday of the week or are shooting for a new signature style, these makeup moments are sure to inspire. 

  • 60s-style eyeliner. Did someone say double-winged liner? It’s the bolder, older sister of reverse cat eye and flattering on virtually every eye shape, since it accentuates the lid and brow.
  • Wet-look makeup. Ever tried matching your lip gloss to your lid gloss? It’s a very insta-worthy way to get your glow on. 
  • Face Jewels. That’s right – they’re not just for music festivals anymore. For a tasteful shimmer, add a dot or two at the inner corner of your eyes or to the bottom of your lid in line with your pupil. For an all-out affair, use them as freckles or to frame your eyes above and below the brow. 
  • Pastel eyeshadows. This isn’t your average easter egg. Hot pinks and mint greens are especially big right now, with many makeup artists coloring outside the lines
  • Statement blush. From bold shades to new shapes, it seems like everyone is experimenting with the placement and amount of blush they use. 

Beauty trends 2022

Beauty trends 2022

Moisturizer certainly has its place, but if you really want to step up your beauty routine, you may need to add a few more steps and products. 

Try treating your skin to: 

  • A microchanneling facial. It’s one of the newest skin care trends celebs and estheticians can’t seem to get enough of. Microchanneling is a less painful way to experience all the benefits of microneedling – without the days-long downtime. It’s done with a stamp instead of a roller, so there’s less chance of tearing and inflaming the skin.  
  • Glycolic acid exfoliation. Take it from TLC, during summer, we don’t want no scrubs. Because your skin is already getting more sun than usual, textured scrubs can be really damaging. Instead, add a year-round glycolic acid step to your skincare routine with either a daily toner or weekly mask. You may feel some tingles, especially if you’re regularly using retinol products, but it’s a great way to sluff off dead skin and penetrate the layers of moisturizer and sunscreen you’re (hopefully) using. That way, the rest of your products can absorb better. Plus it’s got natural anti-aging properties. Win, win. 
  • Mineral sunscreens. These lotions used to get a bad rap for their chalky white streaks. But these next-generation sunscreen products have come a long way! Many absorb fully and transparently, offering you a literal block against the sun. They’re also great for sensitive skin, kinder to the environment, and don’t absorb into the bloodstream like their chemical counterparts. You can even get tinted options to better even-out skin tone. 

Hair trends 2022

Hair trends 2022

From daily ‘dos to cute cuts, these are the hair trends popping up all over Hollywood right now. 

  • Bubble pony pigtails and tendrils. Your dirty hair days just got a whole lot cuter. The look is impressive, but don’t be intimidated. With nothing more than a few small elastics and a comb, you can create beautiful, bubbly shapes that make you look like you stepped right out of an instagram ad, just like Tessa Thompson or the Hadid Sisters. 
  • Rocker-chic shag. You need only look to celebs like Rhianna and Miley Cirus to see the appeal of this edgy, low-maintenance cut. Popularized by Joan Jett in the 80s, the look has had a resurgence as pandemic-created salon closures left us all reeling for a way to stay current while staying home. 
  • “Wet” waves. Think that just-got-out-of-the-shower look isn’t right for your next night out on the town? Think again. Megan Fox and Margo Robbie have been seen rocking textured, wet-looking waves that are perfect for summer.

Need some help executing on any of these 2022 beauty, hair, and makeup trends? The beauty pros on Gina’s Platform make it their job to stay on top of the trends – so you can, too.