6 shoulder length haircuts that can elevate your entire look

Published on: 01/02/2022 8:55 am

Medium length locks are among the most versatile hairstyles. They are universally flattering, low maintenance, and complement any signature style. No wonder they’ve remained one of the most numerous salon requested coifs over the decades. And while each era may be known for a particular flavor or style, trust us, a shoulder length chop is forever. 

Next time you find yourself in the stylist’s chair, consider experimenting with a medium length haircut. Need some inspiration to know which version is right for you? Use these popular mid-length cuts as a jumping off point. (And when you do find the one, don’t forget to take the picture with you!)

Shag haircut

Image courtesy of: @nicolamillbank Instagram

If this super popular medium length haircut sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve heard us sing its praises before. Shag haircuts will undoubtedly be remembered as THE haircut for 2022. Defined by its signature razor cut layers and a casual yet edgy attitude, shags are definitely a cut for it girls.

Coiffed and naturally curly

Make your curls or textured locks the center of attention by snipping them into the shoulders. It will help give your natural texture a lovely lift while effortlessly framing your gorgeous face. Trim the tips alone or ask for your shorter pieces throughout to give it some extra all-over dimension.

Blunt and bobbed

If your hair is fine and straight as a board, you’re the perfect candidate for this cool girl blunt bob. All you have to do is wake up in the morning, run a comb through your medium length locks and part it down the middle to look like you’ve stepped right out of an Indie rom-com.

Layered Locks

Want a haircut that gives your mane some movement? A layered shoulder length haircut is the way to go. Longer layers are best for those with thick or coarse hair while shorter slices may be preferable to add volume at the crown. If you’re somewhere in between or aren’t sure which one your hair will accept best, ask your hairdresser.

Shoulder length braids

Image courtesy of: @nishkin_hair Instagram

Braids that blunt at the shoulders are taking this look to new lengths. All-over braids look great no matter the length, but there’s something so fresh about a box braid bob. Like the cut itself, braids are a fit for all face shapes, slimming down cheeks and defining the jawline. Works well with different types of braids too including, micro braids and twists.

Medium with a side of bangs

This chic look is as timeless as they come. While not recommended for every face shape, it’s a safe play if you’ve been wanting to experiment. Square, oval, and oblong faces needn’t hesitate to make the chop. However, round and heart faces may benefit from microbangs or crescent shaped fringe instead of slashing straight across.

Mid-length with a slight angle

Angled bobs were big a few years back. But that doesn’t mean they should be over looked on your search for the best shoulder length haircut. They add an element of interest to your ‘do and are very forgiving during the grow out stage.

You could look at galleries and galleries of shoulder length haircuts and never see the same snip twice. That’s because this always on-trend look has more variety than you can shake your sheers at. Whether your locks are thick, fine, or textured, you can maximize them with a medium cut.



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