Aging Eyes: Miracle Makeup Tips for Women 60+

Published on: 05/05/2021 3:16 pm

Mature lids have earned the right to take center stage. Though the skin around the eyes changes significantly once you reach a certain age, that needn’t impede your confidence. The right mature eye makeup can make all the difference. 

There are, however, some dos and don’ts to keep in mind. Before you bust out your brushes and start swiping, make note of these eye makeup tips for older women.

Eye Makeup and Lashes For Older Women

Our lashes naturally become shorter, thinner, and lighter as we age. Sad, but true. Playing them up and making them the focal point of your face is an immeasurably youthful way to take years off. 

Start with your magic wand (aka: eyelash curler). In just one step you’ll look instantly more awake and bright eyed, but don’t stop there. Add at least one generous layer of Mascara to your top lashes, paying special attention to the corners. 

Start at the roots and work your way out, avoiding clumps, especially at the ends. They can cast shadows and lead to racoon eyes. 

If you wear glasses, you may want to go with a waterproof or flake-free mascara. No one likes looking through dirty spectacles! 

Make sure you have a good makeup remover, too. Coconut oil and micellar water are popular choices since they’re gentle enough to help you preserve the eyelashes you have left.

Eyeshadow For Mature Eyes 

Eye wrinkles are a natural part of any maturing face. Still, they’re not always eyeshadow-friendly. That is, unless you pick the right product. Couple that with the right technique and you can avoid caking in your creases altogether. 

When it comes to eyeshadow, mature eyes do best with a particular color palette. Those colors usually depend on your particular skin tone. In general, the lighter your skin tone the less color you should apply. Darker skin tones can feel free to go a bit more vibrant. Everyone should avoid browns as much as possible. Their yellow undertones can make you look tired. If you need to go darker, try something like copper or grey.  

Steer clear of anything glittery, but don’t skip slightly shimmery shadows that can help diffuse the light round your eyes, making them appear more youthful. 

Eyeshadow for aging eyes also requires careful application. Start with a primer and apply your cream or matte shadow once it’s dried. Start with a lighter color base on your lids and use a gentle “windshield-wiping” motion to gradually darken your creases with a brush. Add your lightest shades on your brow bone and the very inside corners of your eyes. 

Eyeliner For Skin Over 60  

Adding a sweep of eyeliner is an absolute must when doing eye makeup for mature skin over 60. It adds a beautiful structure to the face and can frame your eyes as the standout features they are. 

A pencil eyeliner is good for aging eyes because it softens the lash line and makes your fringe look fuller. Just avoid applying it to the bottom of your eyes. It too often collects in your under eye creases, making you look older. 

As you age, you may also want to add soft greys or brown pencils to your eye makeup over 60 routine. Again, the idea is to soften and diffuse instead of creating stark lines. 

Be sure not to stretch the skin of your eyes as you apply. It’s likely to create more wrinkles in an area that’s already time-sensitive.

General Eye Makeup Tips Women Over 60  

Eye makeup for 60+ year olds isn’t always about the makeup itself. It’s important to always start with a good makeup routine that includes a moisturizer. It’s essential for aging skin. Dehydrated, dry skin will look older than it is, every time. 

Keep in mind that the skin beneath your eyes is different from any other part of the body. Use creams made specifically for this area and try applying them with your ring finger, as it has the least amount of pressure. 

Once you’ve moisturized, your under eyes should be covered with concealer, preferably one that color corrects. The more light that gets diffused, the less likely your blood vessels and dark circles are to show through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? See if one of these FAQs from our platform sounds familiar. 

Should an older woman wear mascara on her bottom lashes?

Many makeup artists recommend older women skip the bottom layer when wielding the mascara wand. Not only is it a spot prone to clumping, flakes and smudging can often settle in the folds of your under eyes, making you appear tired and older. 

Does eyeliner make you look older?

In short, that depends on the type of eyeliner you use as well as its placement. Pencil eyeliner is preferable for mature eyes as it softens the look, and only when it’s used to line your top lids. Below, it can make the eyes look smaller, aging you unnecessarily. 

What color eyeshadow can make you look younger?

Trick question. Instead of bright colors, most makeup artists recommend using neutral shades and understated pinks to give older eyes a brighter, more youthful appearance.

Knowing how to apply eye makeup after 60 isn’t always intuitive. Still, that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. If you’re not ready to try it at home just yet, finding a professional esthetician or makeup artist to work with can help you look as young as you feel. 

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