What Is Eyebrow Threading and Is Threading Painful?

Published on: 03/12/2021 10:53 pm

Your face is a work of art – and your brows are the frame. Just like any prized piece requires dusting from time to time, your eyebrows need routine maintenance as well. Whether you’re looking to clean them up a bit or reshape your bushy brows entirely, brow threading (sometimes known as brow flossing) has a lot to offer.

So put the tweezers down and check out this centuries-old hair removal option. We’ll walk you through the eyebrow threading process and answer the question on everyone’s mind: does threading hurt? (Short answer, not really!)

What Is Eyebrow Threading?

For hundreds of years, the women and men (yes, eyebrow threading is for men, too!) of the Middle East and Southeast Asia have used eyebrow threading to groom their brow hairs and achieve the perfect arch. In the early 2000s western countries began threading their brows into submission, giving folks a less painful alternative for eyebrow shaping.

The technique removes multiple hairs at once, one line at a time, all using a single piece of cotton thread. It can also be used on other areas of the face, including the chin, sideburns, and upper lip.

How Does Threading Work? 

Now that you know what threading is, let’s string together the process of threading eyebrows and how threading works.

Like the name suggests, it all begins with a simple brow thread. It gets twisted over on itself with one end held in the technician’s mouth or in a “double butterfly” looped and attached to two fingers on each hand.

The skin gets gently pulled until taut and the twisting loops act like tiny lassos, which wrangle and remove the entire follicle at the root. That means it’s super effective at grabbing even fine, stubborn hairs like peach fuzz.

Curious how long threading lasts? Since brows threading lifts the root from your pores, your post-treatment results can last 2-5 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. Not bad for an appointment that should take no longer than about 15 or 20 minutes (depending on how much consultation time you want).

The final eyebrow threading shapes speak for themselves, with ultra precise picturesque brows that can transform your face.

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading 

The eyebrow threading benefits are numerous, but let’s start with an obvious question: is eyebrow threading safe. Short answer: the safest.

  1. Because the skin is spared from chemicals, possible cuts, and potential burns, even those with a sensitive disposition come away with nothing more than minor redness and slight irritation that usually dissipates over the course of just an hour or two.
  2. Since multiple hairs, even those that are virtually tweezer-proof, get removed at the same time, the result is quick and perfectly precise. It’s the easiest way to try a new brow style or give your arch a little lift.
  3. And no matter how often you thread the eyebrows, the maintenance between appointments is pretty much nil.

Threading vs Plucking vs Waxing

Eyebrow threading vs waxing ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, there are some clear advantages to threading up and browing down.

For one thing, you never risk a brow burn from wax that’s too hot for your sensitive skin. Good technicians are usually mindful of wax temps, so while not a huge risk, some people prefer cotton thread to a wax strip.

If you have a low pain tolerance you’re probably still stuck on whether it hurts to get your eyebrows threaded. So, once more for the seats in the back, does eyebrow threading hurt? It really does depend on who you ask, however, the consensus is it’s far less painful than eyebrow waxing.

It’s also precise like tweezing, minus the repetition since it can mow down multiple hairs at once.

Eyebrow threading costs are reasonable, too. Many brow threading professionals charge between $10 – $65 per session. Prices can vary depending on how much consultation time you need and whether it’s your first time threading. There’s usually a price difference depending on how overgrown you are versus whether you’re coming in for a simple upkeep appointment.

Book Your Eyebrow Thread Appointment Today

Still have questions about how often to get your brow hairs threaded or how long threading lasts, what threading does to your eyebrows, or how eyebrow threading works? You can use Gina’s Platform to book your threading consultation. Once you’re satisfied, you can easily secure your eyebrow threading appointment.

If it’s your first time, treat it like you would any other hair care appointment. Come with pictures of brow shapes and different brow trends you like. Have an idea of the thickness you want, too. Be sure to say yes to aloe aftercare and tell your technician if you have super sensitive skin or a low pain tolerance. You’ll want to baby your pores for the next 24 hours to be safe. Think: minimal makeup, skip steam and direct sunlight, and no touching!

Eyebrows and threading go together like Brook Shields and brow envy. Ready to make your face even more frame-worthy with the latest brow trends?

You can find eyebrow professional styling, tinting, and threading technicians near you by clicking the Skin Care tab on ginasplatform.com or on the Gina’s Platform mobile app.



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