The List | Here’s What To Do If Your Flat Iron Burns Your Hair

Published on: 09/30/2022 5:12 pm

One of the first rules of styling your hair is that if you have straight hair, you want curls and if you have curly hair, you want it straightened. While some of us still struggle to find the perfect hot tool to do it all, the flat iron comes closest — not only can it can give you sleek hair, but with a little maneuvering, you can also create gorgeous waves.

But first, you need to find the perfect flat iron that does what you want, which is important because “it ensures that you don’t need to make multiple passes over the hair and further increase the likelihood of damage,” Gina Rivera, Phenix Founder and Celebrity Stylist, told Byrdie. This can also save you loads of time.

Most flat irons should only be used on dry hair, but some people make the mistake of using them on wet hair. Therefore, you need to use it on dry hair; otherwise, you’re damaging your hair.

If you use a lower temperature, the flat iron might not give you the silky, sleek look you want. But when you raise the temperature, there is always a risk of burning your skin and your hair. What should you do if you burn your hair with your flat iron by mistake? Read the details here!