Do These TikTok Hair Hacks Actually Work? Hairstylists Weigh In

Published on: 01/12/2022 12:39 pm

Viral dances aside, TikTok is known to house a wealth of information with the goal of streamlining your everyday routine. From cooking hacks to TikTok hair care tips, these less-than-a-minute tutorials promise to bring some ease to an otherwise hectic schedule.Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on pinterest

“​​Most TikTok beauty trends are great, especially the ones by beauty professionals,” says Nicolette Rauchut, hairstylist at LRN Beauty, echoing what many experts know to be true: It’s imperative to take creator-curated hacks with a grain of salt.

“While TikTok can be a terrific source of information, it’s always important to work with your salon professional when it comes to developing a hair routine,” adds Gina Rivera, hair artist and CEO of Phenix Salon Suites. “Professionals have gone through extensive training and will be able to evaluate your hair type as well as what’s needed to keep it looking great on a budget that works for you.”

Ready to separate faux hair hacks from the real deal? Keep reading to learn what Rauchut,  Rivera, and Prose Director of Education Faith Armstrong have to say about 5 famous TikTok hair hacks—and whether or not they’re worth trying.

TikTok hair hack #1: Using dry shampoo before bed

Dry shampoo has saved us on days we want to freshen up our hairstyle without hitting the shower. But, according to @lacey.kube, applying dry shampoo before bed reaps the most beauty rewards: “Prevention is better than correction,” she writes in her caption.

What Rauchut says:

“Using dry shampoo before bed is something I often recommend to my clients who are hot sleepers. Dry shampoo is meant to prevent the build-up of oil, therefore moisture and sweat during the night can make clean hair look and feel greasy. Before bed, spray the crown, the nape of the neck, and any trouble spots with dry shampoo. You’ll wake up feeling fresh and your blowout will still have some bounce.”

TikTok hair hack #2: Creating volume with only a comb and no product

Is it really possible to achieve volume without any hair product? Well, using a tail comb just might make it possible. By sectioning off your hair, pushing your hair up, and then heating it with a blowdryer, your roots will be given a lift. We love that this eliminates a need for product, which can sometimes lead to scalp buildup if not properly removed.

What Armstrong says:

“This hack is a really clever and can be done without the need for product! Although it may take a few tries to nestle the comb in place at the roots, it’s definitely a hack worth trying to build lift in and around the crown area. Just be sure to use a concentrator nozzle on your dryer to direct heat at a medium temperature and a heat resistant tail comb to avoid any melting tools.”

TikTok hair hack #3: Applying shampoo to the base of your hair, not the ends

Esther Claire, a licensed cosmetologist based in Hawaii, recommends using “no more than a quarter-size of shampoo & emulsifying unto your hands well before applying it to your hair.” According to the content creator, you should focus on the base, not the ends. “Shampoo is meant to cleanse and the base of your hair is where it gets oily or sweaty,” reads the on-screen text. “Shampooing your ends will dry it out even more.”

What Rivera says:

“This hack includes some good points about washing at the base of the hair, however, it’s really important to scrub the scalp as well because a healthy scalp equates to healthy hair. In addition, the amount of shampoo needed typically varies based on the type and the length of hair, so the amount used will be more specific to the individual. Due to buildup from environmental factors and products, it’s also important to shampoo all of the hair. Finally, many shampoos contain moisturizing ingredients which actually add moisture to dry ends and this is something that should be considered. Application of the conditioner, again, is based on the hair and I recommend working from roots to ends.”

TikTok hair hack #4: Sleeping in braids to avoid breakage

If you’ve ever wondered how to protect your hair at bedtime, @chancity has a remedy: Braid your hair. “I swear by doing this!” she writes of the anti-breakage hack. “It protects my curls and makes them last longer too.”

What Rivera says:

“I never recommend tying your hair back when you sleep as it can pull and cause breakage.” However, wearing a braid or braids to sleep is a protective style, which is totally fine to sleep in. “To avoid any breakage while you sleep, it’s best to use a silk pillowcase, which your hair can easily slide over rather than being pulled by a heavier cotton material.”

TikTok hair hack #5: Drying hair with a T-shirt to keep curly hair healthy and defined

Creator @naturalmelanista_, took to TikTok to share her post-shower, haircare trick. To keep her hair healthy and more defined, she ditches a towel and reaches for a t-shirt to dry her wet hair, inspiring her followers to do the same.

What Rivera says:

“This is a really clever way to tie up the hair after a shower and it can help to initially scrunch curls. A t-shirt can also be effective with pulling additional water out of the hair if it’s allowed to remain on the head for 30 minutes. For setting curls, however, I recommend a professional product that is designed to help hold the curls in place for a long period of time.”

Wrap up

Overall, viral TikTok hair trends are definitely hit or miss, which is to be expected. Thanks to Rauchut and Rivera, we were able to cut through the noise and bring you the hair hacks that actually work. Is there a trend you’ve seen that you’re not 100% sold on that you’d like a professional’s take on? Let us know in the comments below.

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