Top Haircuts for Thinning Curly Hair in 2022

Published on: 01/25/2022 12:05 pm

Thin hair can make even the most confident among us want to head straight for the hat section. Fortunately, a skilled stylist can make your hair wow, no matter the texture. If your hair happens to be thinning and curly, you’re actually in luck though.

Sure, fine curls are notoriously one of the most difficult combos to work with, but your natural curl pattern also works to your advantage. It has a way of diffusing thin strands. With the right thin curly haircut, you can maximize its natural volume and give your locks some much-needed definition.

Generally, that means going with a short to medium length haircut. Hair that’s too long gets weighed down and can unintentionally straighten your kinks. Adding layers throughout and around the face helps give your hair the extra body it needs to appear thicker.

Whether your hair is thinning from age, overstyling, or using the wrong products, pay special attention to this selection to find the best haircut for your fine curly hair.

Curly shag haircut

This was unequivocally the year of the shag haircut. It also happens to be an easy hairstyle for thin curly hair because of how effortlessly it creates volume. The look is full of layers that help define and embolden your curls. Shags can be created with or without bangs, though they’re a simple solution if you’re looking to really add volume at the crown. Another selling point about this fine curly hairstyle is how well it grows out. If you’re someone who likes to wait long stretches in between cuts, it’s definitely worth adding to the short list of haircuts for thinning curly hair.

Layered curly bob

Sometimes, you can’t beat a classic. Layered bobs are one of the all time freshest and most beloved haircuts for thin curly hair. One look and it’s easy to see why. Shorter layers allow your curls to kink up and stand out from the bulk of your mane. Cropping things at or above the shoulders also creates enviable body and volume. It’s a versatile style that’s universally flattering and can really showcase your curls.

Textured pixie cut

Who says you can’t go super short if you have curly hair? Pixie cuts are one of the most low maintenance options since the cut adds such an instant and interesting shape to your strands. These thin curly hairstyles are also soft, flattering and diverse in terms of styles. If you’re looking for a trendy haircut for curly fine hair, this is definitely it.

Tips for Cutting Thinning Curly Hair

Your most important goal when performing haircuts for thin fine curly hair is to achieve fullness without the frizz. Wet and dry cutting is critical because it allows more control of the shape and length. Once dried you have an opportunity to zero in on places that could use some added definition while avoiding the dreaded triangle cut.

It’s also important to pay special attention to the ends and encourage frequent cuts. Dry, frazzled ends can really wreck curl patterns and drag thin curly hair down.

Next is to ensure the styles for fine curly hair are also fitting. Specifically, avoid heating tools, bleach, silicone sprays, and thick, oily products, opting instead for volumizing shampoos, light conditioners, and weightless hair foams for cleaning and styling thin curly hair.

Is fullness without the frizz really possible for curly hair texture? It is with the right haircut. The key is to make cuts while hair is both wet and dry. One gives you more control over the length, and the other helps you be more exacting with the shape. 

Remember that natural curls will gain the most definition after they are tended to individually. That typically requires you to style the hair, then go back in and add some intentional pieces later. It’s also the best way to ensure you steer clear the questionable triangle cut. 

Especially with short curly hair, the ends are particularly important. The more frequently short curly hairstyles get trimmed, the smoother and less dry the curl pattern will remain. It also keeps hair light and lifted instead of weighed down.

The final step is to double check that the styling products are right for natural hair. That typically means ditching heating tools, banning bleach, and tossing any silicone sprays or thick, oily products. Instead, fill your cart with volumizing shampoos and light conditioners. Follow up with a weightless hair foam and a diffuser if you want a little extra volume.

Frequently Asked Curly Hair Questions

Committing to a hairstyle for your naturally curly hair is a big deal. Before you do, see if any of these questions sound familiar:

  • How can you make your thin curly hair look thicker?
    • The right cut, style, product, and upkeep all factor into thicker-looking curly hair.
  • Can thinning hair become thick again?
    • It is unlikely that hair will regrow once it’s been lost. However, some professionals recommend using a derma roller to help stimulate the hair follicles that are still active.
  • Is it better to cut curly hair straight or curly?
    • Straightening curly hair is rarely a good idea, even when it’s wet. Doing so can make the hair appear even thinner.
  • Can thinning scissors be used on curly hair?
    • Generally speaking, thinning shears should be avoided on curly hair as they can create additional problems like lost curls or frizz.

As you can see, hairstyles for fine curly hair aren’t limited, they’re just specific. True, discovering what is the best haircut for fine curly hair takes work, but once you find it, it can be life changing.

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