Valentine’s Day Hairstyles to Keep You Cute in Quarantine

Published on: 02/11/2021 12:42 pm

A socially distant Valentine’s Day may sound like a letdown, but just because you can’t hit the town with your sweetie, doesn’t mean you can’t look the part. Same goes for when you’re planning a zoom-giggle with your Galentines gaggle or treating yourself to a box of chocolates after a long bath.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, remember this is a day of love, something we all could use a little more of right now. Don’t let this be just another ‘X’ on the calendar. We may have to make our own fun, but with cute Valentine’s hair in tow you can mark the day in style.

There’s nothing like a holiday hairstyle to help you celebrate this season of love, so we’ve rounded up nine of our favorite Valentine’s Day hairdos to set your heart on fire.

Valentine’s Day Braided extension

Easy valentine hairstyles can be just as breathtaking as the more intricate ones. This sleek ponytail turned robust braid is a great example. If you weren’t blessed with thick locks, a braided hair extension is your new best friend. You can get a pre-braided piece to quickly clip in, or you can do the twisting yourself. Be sure to wet your hair up top and use a tiny bit of product to tame flyaways.

Valentine’s Day Fringe Ponytail

Want to be a little freer with your pony? Pull out some fringe in the front and around your ears. You can use a curling wand to give them a bit of a bend on the ends, or let them do their own thing. This style works great if you haven’t washed your hair in a day or two, but be sure to give your strands a spritz of dry shampoo to add a bit of volume. File under: easy Valentine’s Day hairstyles, pt. II.

Valentine’s Day Space Buns

Space buns are a year-round way to showcase your inner adorable. Start by parting your hair down the middle in equal sections. Next, gather one side into a ponytail and use a rubber band to secure it, followed by the other. Take the tail end and wrap around in a circle then secure it all with another hair tie. You can give your Valentine’s hair a boost of romance by adding a few strands of baby’s breath or securing it all with pearl or glitter crusted hair bands. 

Valentine’s Day Braided Up-do

For upscale Valentine’s Day hair you definitely need to go with an up-do. These classy options showcase your bone structure and décolletage. In this braided version, there are multiple layers of lovely. It’s definitely heart eye emoji status! 

Valentine’s Day Wrap Around Braid

Braid crowns are the queens of the Valentine’s Day hairstyle. Not only do they look amazing with highlighted hair, they give you the look of love without exerting much effort. Just put your hair in two braids on either side and pin the ends under one another on top. Pull out some sparse tendrils around your temples to soften the look.

Valentine’s Day Single Side Braid

There’s just something so dreamy and romantic about a braid, especially for Valentine’s hairstyles. This one is ultra simple. Just one off-center French braid secured loosely at the end with a hair band and covered with the flower of your choice. Swoon!

Valentine’s Day Bubble Ponytail

This hip hairstyle is a chic way to show a bit of edge at your Valentine’s celebration. Celebs like Ariana have also been seen sporting this instaworthy Valentine’s hairdo. Not sure how to make it your own? Watch this bubble ponytail tutorial!

Valentine’s Day Bun with Romantic Tendrils

Talk about romance! This simple Valentine’s day up-do framed with a few piecey  bangs is sweet as candy. Attending a virtual event? This Valentine’s dance hairstyle will have your dance card full all night.

Valentine’s Day Lavender Locks

If you’ve always wanted to color your hair but have held off, there’s no time like the present. Most of us are homebound so it’s the ideal time to try something new! We are so smitten over this lavender look. Even the soft curls just make us want to rush off and do a serious dye job. Hands down the ultimate girl’s Valentine hair look.

Not sure how to do Valentine’s Day hairstyles? Looking for Valentine’s Day hairstyles for school or a valentine’s dance? These Valentine’s hair ideas are as unique as a box of chocolates and just as sweet.

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