Gina’s Platform: The Perfect Beauty App For Professionals & Clients

Published on: 08/03/2022 8:11 pm

Now more than ever, beauty, health, and wellness companies connect with consumers using smart phone technology. Whether you’re a client seeking a haircut, a yoga instructor trying to build your platform, or a nail tech seeking supplies, the app marketplace is saturated with services, making it hard to choose the best one to suit your needs.

Gina’s Platform was made to simplify the picking process and declutter your home screen, as it’s uniquely designed for use both by beauty consumers and business owners. By attending to the needs of both parties, it is one of the top salon apps for creating lasting client/stylist relationships.

Take a look at how Gina’s Platform streamlines the entire appointment process, from the initial search to the final review.

For the Beauty, Health, and Wellness Enthusiast

Whether you’re still deciding what you’d like to get done or you’re ready to book today, this beauty service app has key features to make the process easier for you.

  • A database of beauty, health, and wellness insights. Want to know the latest hair color trends? How to prepare for an upcoming massage? How to tell your hairstylist what you’re looking for? Gina’s Platform has answers. In addition to using our site to contact your stylist with questions, you can comb through our archives for further information and inspiration for your next appointment.
  • A safe, secure, and seamless payment interface. There’s a reason Gina’s Platform is one of the most trusted apps for beauty appointments. You call the shots on how you pay. Using your card? We offer some of the industry’s lowest credit card rates at just 2.52%, and our system is compatible with American Express. Splitting the bill between card and cash? No problem—our app is able to split payments precisely. You can even pay for certain products, such as hair color and extensions, ahead of time.
  • An appointment system that remembers what you like. Have an appointment that goes really well? In Gina’s Platform, your stylist can save an unlimited amount of information on exactly what formula and color they used so that they can replicate that for you next time. You can also customize when, whether and how you’d like appointment reminders. Finally, should you update your contact information on your account, that information updates for your stylist, as well, so you’ll never fall out of touch.

Benefits for the Business Owner

The beauty, health, and wellness industries are growing and changing, so it’s important that you have the right tools and tech to meet your consumers where they’re at. Gina’s Platform’s innovative networking technology stays up-to-date for you, ensuring not only that you keep your current customers but are also always gaining new ones. 

  • Comprehensive communication software. You can conduct all of your client communications on one platform. On this beauty app, you can email or text all or some of your clients at once using our mass messaging service. For one-on-one conversations, in-app texting allows you to keep your business and personal communications separate. It also allows you to exchange photographs with clients so that they can come prepared with photos of what look they have and what they’d like to do differently. You can easily program automated appointment reminders and promotional messages. Prefer to personalize your client communications? Set up automatic birthday messages or client-stylist anniversary reminders that are individualized for each recipient. 
  • Custom, one-of-a-kind appointment organization. Our appointment system is one of the most advanced professional scheduling systems on the market. It has an easy-to access calendar with multiple ways to view your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. You can also customize whether you allow clients to book onto your schedule directly or require them to reach out to you first to discuss what they’re looking for. 
  • Professional finance tracking system. Unlike most apps for beauty services, Gina’s Platform generates projected revenue reports based on your revenue history. This allows you to set goals for each month or quarter, and should you see that your income does not match your goal, you can use this salon app to create and market promotions. You can also use this system to track your service and product charges, which makes reporting for taxes easy.

Unlike most beauty salon apps, Gina’s Platform benefits beauty, health, and wellness enthusiasts and professionals alike, making it the perfect place to build lasting working relationships. Build your profile today.

Gina Rivera

Gina Rivera

Beauty Icon and Expert

Gina Rivera skyrocketed to success when the company she founded in 2007, Phenix Salon Suites, became the fastest-growing salon suite company in the beauty industry. With more than 300 locations nationally and international expansion occurring in the UK, Entrepreneur Magazine named Phenix Salon Suites a Top 500 Franchise list seven years running.